Eudes I de Porhoët Vicomte de Porhoët
(-After 1092)
Emma de León
Geoffroy de Porhoët Vicomte de Porhoët
Eudes II de Porhoët Comte de Porhoët, Duc de Bretagne
(-After 1180)


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1. Jeanne

  • Eudes III de Porhoët Comte de Porhoët+
  • Hervé de Porhoët
  • Éléonore de Porhoët
2. Berthe de Bretagne
  • Geoffroy de Porhoët
  • Adélaïde de Porhoët Abbesse de Fontevrault
  • Alix de Porhoët

Eudes II de Porhoët Comte de Porhoët, Duc de Bretagne

  • Marriage (1): Jeanne in Aug 1167 1
  • Marriage (2): Berthe de Bretagne before 1149 1
  • Died: After 1180 1

  General Notes:

EUDES [II] de Porhoët, son of GEOFFROY Vicomte de Porhoët & his wife Hawise --- (-after 1180). "Gaufredus vicecomes, Eudo filius eius…" witnessed a charter dated 15 Jun 1130 under which Donald Bishop of Saint-Malo confirmed a donation to the monks of Saint-Martin de Josselin. Comte de Porhoët. He succeeded in 1148 as EUDES Duke of Brittany, by right of his first wife. "Eudo comes" founded the abbey of Notre-Dame de Lantenac by charter dated 1149, witnessed by "Josthos et Alanus fratres comitis, Alanus vicecomes de Monteforti…". "Eudo comes" confirmed a donation to Saint-Martin de Josselin, with the consent of "fratrum meorum…Joscii vicecomitis et Alani Ceoche", by charter dated 1153. "Eudo comes" donated property previously donated by "dominus Gaufridus pater meus" to the priory of Josselin on the advice of "fratrum meorum Joscii vicecomitis et Alani Ceoche" by charter dated 1153. Deposed by his stepson in 1156, he was taken prisoner by Raoul de Fougères. The date of his death is indicated by a charter dated 1213 under which [her grandson] "Willelmus dominus Montiforten" confirmed donations to Montfort made by "antecessoribus meis...domino Gaufrido de Monteforti...W. avi mei", quoting a charter dated 1180 under which "Gaufridus dominus Montifortis sequens vestigial patris mei Willelmi" donated property with the consent of "uxore mea et filiis meis Rad. Will et Rolando...Eudone comite avunculo meo [identified as Eudes Comte de Porhoët, Duke of Brittany, her brother]...Oliverio patruo meo".

m firstly (1148 or before) as her second husband, BERTHE de Bretagne, widow of ALAIN "le Noir" de Penthièvre , Lord of Richmond, daughter of CONAN III Duke of Brittany& his wife Matilda, illegitimate daughter of Henry I King of England (-[1162/67). The Chronicon Britannico Alter records the death in 1148 of "Conanus Dux Britanniæ" and records that he had disinherited "Hoellus…suum…filium" and that he appointed as his successor "Eudone Vicecomite Porhoëtensi" who had married "sororem eius Bertam". The primary source which confirms her first marriage has not yet been identified.

m secondly (Aug 1167) JEANNE [Eléonore] de Léon, daughter of GUIOMAR [III] Vicomte de Léon & his wife Nobilis ---. Robert of Torigny records the marriage in 1167 of "comes Eudes" and "Guihunmanus filius Hervei vicecomes Leonensis…filiam" but does not name her.

Eudes [II] & his first wife had three children: Geoffroy, Adelaide and Alix.

Eudes & his second wife had [three] children: Eudes, Hervé and [Eléonore]. 1

Eudes married Jeanne in Aug 1167.1

Eudes next married Berthe de Bretagne, daughter of Conan III de Bretagne Duc de Bretagne and Matilda of England, before 1149.1 (Berthe de Bretagne died about 1158-1164 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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