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London ancestors

Including Fred(erick) Buist, five generations of Buists and their spouses lived in London from about 1790.

John Buist (c.1764-1829), a baker, moved to London from Scotland before 1791. He initially lived on the northern edge of the City of London, moved to the East End and then south of the river Thames to Lambeth. In those days Lambeth was part of the county of Surrey and successive generations did not stray far, moving between Camberwell, Newington, Southwark and Walworth, and finally ending up in Bermondsey.

Two sons of George Buist (1793-1872) emigrated:
- George James Buist (1821-1885) to Lyttleton, New Zealand in 1885 on the Caroline Agnes
- Richard Thomas Buist (1823-1886) to Sydney, Australia sometime between 1841 and 1850. 

Ancestors of Frederick Charles Buist (excluding the Berry family of Sussex); 124 individuals including children and their spouses

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Featured: Denis Buist, Flight Sergeant (Pilot), 89 Squadron (1921-1944)

Scottish and Dutch ancestors

Before moving to London, we know that John Buist (c.1764-1829) was probably born in Scotland in Inchyra, Perthshire (as it was). Although only hypothetical at this time, we believe that the family originated in the Netherlands.

Sussex ancestors

Fred Buist's mother, Catherine (née Berry) (1854-1938), was born in London but both of her parents were from Sussex.

Her father, Henry (1826-1892), was born in Pyecombe (now part of Brighton) which is where he joined the forerunner of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LB&SCR) as a teenager. Later he moved up to London where he worked as a Receiving Clerk at LB&SCR's Willow Walk Goods Depot until his death in 1892. Henry's predecessors had been blacksmiths.

How Henry met his wife Elizabeth Jemima Richardson is unknown; she was from Crowborough where her father, Joseph (1796-1864) was the miller. Her mother was Elizabeth Goring Egles (c1793-1876) and a descendant of the Goring family. 

Ancestors of Catherine Eva Berry (excluding the Goring family); 712 individuals including children and their spouses

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Royal ancestors back to CE/AD 1000

One of Catherine’s grandmothers, Elizabeth Goring (née Egles) (c.1793-1876), is the connection back to numerous European royal and aristocratic families. Her middle name provides the clue: she was descended through her grandfather and grandmother from George Goring (1646-1713) who was her great great great grandfather (through her grandfather) and her great great grandfather (through her grandmother).

Ancestors of George Goring; 7,761 individuals including children and their spouses

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Featured: Balneath Manor ownership dispute - a unique document substantiating the Goring pedigree.

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