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Geoffroy de PorhoŽt Vicomte de PorhoŽt
Conan III de Bretagne Duc de Bretagne
Matilda of England
(-After 1128)
Eudes II de PorhoŽt Comte de PorhoŽt, Duc de Bretagne
(-After 1180)
Berthe de Bretagne
(-Abt 1158/1164)
Alix de PorhoŽt


Family Links

1. Henri d'Anjou King of England (Henry II)

Alix de PorhoŽt

  • Partnership (1): Henri d'Anjou King of England (Henry II) in 1168

  General Notes:

ALIX de PorhoŽt . King Henry was holding her in 1168 as a hostage for peace.

Mistress (1168) of: HENRY II King of England, son of GEOFFROY "le Bel/Plantagenet" Comte d'Anjou et du Maine & his wife [Empress] Matilda [Maud] of England (Le Mans, Anjou 5 Mar 1133-Ch‚teau de Chinon 6 Jul 1189, bur Abbaye de Fontevrault).

Alix had a relationship with Henri d'Anjou King of England (Henry II), son of Geoffroy V d'Anjou Comte d'Anjou et du Maine, Duc de Normandie and Matilda de Normandie Holy Roman Empress, in 1168. (Henri d'Anjou King of England (Henry II) was born on 5 Mar 1133 in Le Mans, Sarthe, Pays de la Loire, 72000, FR,1 2 died on 6 Jul 1189 in Chinon, Indre-et-Loire, Centre, 37500, FR 1 2 and was buried on 8 Jul 1189 in Abbaye Notre-Dame de Fontevraud, Fontevraud-L'Abbaye, Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire, 49590, FR.)


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2 Encyclopedia Britannica, Treatise on, Henry II.

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