Buist Taylor Keatch Kendall family history

This website presents our current research on four families, namely the ancestors of the two couples pictured above. Click on their names or expand the menu in the top right-hand corner to start exploring.

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Bristol Beaufighter

Denis Buist

Flight Sergeant (Pilot), 89 Squadron.

"a first-class pilot"

Killed taking off in a Bristol Beaufighter Mark VIF night fighter at Chittagong airfield [now in Bangladesh].

Hand drawn Goring pedigree from Balneath dispute document about 1725

Balneath Manor ownership dispute

A unique document substantiating the Goring family pedigree and providing the connection to royal and aristocratic families throughout Europe...back to CE/AD 1000.

Calico printing machine

James Wagland

Master Silk Printer at the Garratt Print Works, Summerstown, Surrey.

At the time of the 1871 Census, the Print Works employed 100 men, 8 women, 50 boys and 32 girls – almost 20% of the Summerstown [now Earlsfield] population.

Private, 7th Dragoon Guards

James Littlewood
(c. 1780-1839)

Corporal, 7th Dragoon Guards.

Contemporary drawing of Catherine Eddowes

Catherine Eddowes

A victim of Jack the Ripper.

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February 2022: numerous updates throughout the website and a new page showing photographs of the registered fabric designs by James Wagland.

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Details of all living descendants have been withheld.

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