Osbern de Bolbec
Gauthier Giffard
(-Bef 1085)


Family Links

1. Ermengarde Flaitel

Gauthier Giffard

  • Marriage (1): Ermengarde Flaitel about 1025
  • Died: Bef 1085 1

   Another name for Gauthier was Walter Giffard.

  General Notes:

GAUTHIER Giffard (-before 1085). Guillaume de Jumièges records that "Gunnor" had "excepta Sainfria...duas sorores Wewam et Avelinam", adding that "tertia...sororum Gunnoris comitissæ"[Aveline, from the context] married "Osberno de Bolebec", by whom she had "Galterium Giffardum primum et Godefridum patrem Willelmi de Archis". "...Walterius Gyfardus..." subscribed the charter under which Guillaume Duke of Normandy donated the church of Arques to Saint-Wandrille, dated to [1035/55]. Seigneur de Longueville, Normandy. "…Walterius Giffardus…"witnessed the charter dated 29 Aug 1060 under which "milite…Richardo…fratribus Willelmo…atque Balduino" donated "Gausberti Villa" to Chartres Saint-Père. The Brevis Relatio de Origine Willelmi Conquestoris records that "Waltero Giffardo" contributed 60 ships towards the invasion of England in 1066. Orderic Vitalis names "...Galterius Giphardus et Radulphus Toenites..." among those who took part in the battle of Hastings. He received grants of 107 lordships (48 in Buckinghamshire) as his reward. Orderic Vitalis records that King William installed "Guillermum Osberni filium" at his new fortress at Winchester ("intra mœnia Guentæ") and appointed him "vice sua toti regno versus Aquilonem", while he granted "Doveram...totamque Cantiam" to "Odoni fratri suo", and thus he entrusted "his duobus præfecturam Angliæ", seconded by "Hugonem de Grentemaisnilio et Hugonem de Monteforti, Guillelmumque de Garenna", dated to 1067. Orderic Vitalis states that the king "gave [Walter Giffard] the county of Buckinghamshire", in the chronicler's description of post-conquest grants made by King William, without specifying that he was created earl.

m ERMENGARDE, daughter of GERARD Flaitel & his wife ---. Guillaume de Jumièges records that "Galterium Giffardum primum" married "unam filiarum Girardi Flatelli". The primary source which confirms her name has not yet been identified.

Gauthier & his wife had [five or more] children: Gauthier, Guillaume, Rohese and [other daughters]. 1

Gauthier married Ermengarde Flaitel, daughter of Gérard Flaitel and Unknown, about 1025.


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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