Begon de Corbeil
Gaudry de Corbeil
(-Bef 1092)
(-After 1092)
Begon de Corbeil
(-After 1097)


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Begon de Corbeil

  • Died: After 5 Apr 1097 1

  General Notes:

BEGON (-after [5 Apr/24 Sep] 1097). An undated charter, dated to 1092 as explained above, records the donation of "ecclesiam...sancti Dyonisii de Bunduslo" to Longpont by "Fredericus, Gaudrici filius et Isembardus cognomento Paganus, filius Anselli de Stampis", with the consent of "parentis isti: Aremburgis mater eiusdem Frederici et fratres eiusdem Frederici…Gaufredus et Bego [...clericus]…et Gautherius Tyrellus et Mathildis soror eorum". A charter dated [5 Apr/24 Sep] 1097 records that "Dnus Hugo" went to "Corbolium castrum" where "alios parentes filios Herenburgis neptis sue...unus Fredericus...alius Gaufredus, tertius Walterius et quartus Bego...cum matre eorum Herenburge et sororibus suis filiabus eiusdem Herenburgis" confirmed his donation to Saint-Martin-des-Champs, witnessed by "Odo comes Corboili, Fredericus filius Balduini Belvacensis, Godolricus vicecomes..." . 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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