James Wagland: his family expands

In the meantime James and Elizabeth undoubtedly experienced considerable personal joy and sorrow as their family grew. We have already mentioned the death of their son Henry, aged 7, in 1848.

By 1851 their eldest son, Charles, had followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and become a silk printer, presumably at the same mill. In 1855 he married his cousin Susan Marsh at Hounslow parish church. Susan was the fifth of seven daughters of James and Elizabeth (née Wagland). Her mother was the eldest (surviving) child of James (senior) and Mary. Charles and Susan had twelve children between 1855 and 1875, four of whom died young.

James’s eldest daughter, Emma Elizabeth, married William Haslam, a schoolmaster, at St. Mary’s Church, Whitechapel, in 1863. Her siblings, James Marrion and Mary Rebecca, were witnesses to the marriage. William and Emma moved to Tenby, Pembrokeshire, where they had three children between 1864 and 1868. Emma died there in 1870 at the age of 36. The 1871 Census records the youngest child, Helen, aged 2, living with her grandparents, James and Elizabeth.

The second son, George Marrion, also became a silk printer. He married Elizabeth Pratt in 1862 at St. Mary’s Church, Newington. They had three children between 1865 and 1870 but Elizabeth died soon after giving birth to the third. George and two of his children were living with James and Elizabeth at the time of the 1871 Census. George then married Annie Ewins in 1873 at Holy Trinity Church, Clapham, and had three more children.

The second daughter, Mary Rebecca, married Francis Sharland at St. Mary’s Church, Wimbledon, in 1871. They had five children between 1871 and 1880, two of whom were baptised with Marrion as their middle name.

The third son, James Marrion, was also a silk printer, specifically a fabric pattern designer, until about 1881 when he took over management of The Sultan public house in Camberwell. He married Eliza Williams at St. Mary’s Church, Wimbledon, in 1878 and they had had two children by 1881.

Alfred was the only son not to follow his father’s trade. He was a grocer when he married Margaret Maile in 1876 at St. George-in-the-East Church, Tower Hamlets, which was where his parents had married 45 years’ earlier. By 1881 Alfred and Margaret had three children.

The third daughter, Sarah, married Charles Clarke, a Master in the merchant navy, in 1870 at St. Mary’s Church, Wimbledon. At the time of the 1871 Census she was living with her parents so presumably Charles was at sea. By 1881 they had moved to Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, near to Charles’s birthplace and had two children.

The youngest child, Ellen, married Henry Glover, a schoolmaster, at St. Mary’s Church, Wimbledon, in 1874. By 1881 he was the headmaster of the Chailey Industrial School, near Lewes in Sussex, Ellen was the matron of the school and the couple had three children.

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