William Rideout
(-Between 1603/1603)


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1. Alice Hynton

William Rideout

  • Marriage (1): Alice Hynton
  • Died: Between 1 Oct and 14 Dec 1603
  • Buried: 14 Dec 1603, St. Mary's Church, Chettle, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 8DB, GB

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See also Ridout family website page: https://the-ridouts.com/2013/10/11/william-rydeowte-of-chettle-a-16th-century-gentleman/


• Will, 1 Oct 1603. The first day of October 1603 I William Rideowte of Chettle in the Countie of Dorset gentleman sick of bodie but of good and pfecte memorie (god be praised) doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner and forme following That is to say first I commend my Soule into the handes of my maker, hoping assuredly through the merrite of Jesus Christe my saviour to be made partaker of life everlasting And I commend my body to the earth whereof it was made And to be buried in the parish church of Chettle. Item I give to the repairacon of the said church six shillings eight pence Item I give the church of Sherborne ten shillings Item I give to the Almes house men and women of Sherborne aforesaid four pence apice to every one of them Item I give to Dorothy Rydeowt my servant fourtie shillings [£2.0s.0d] Item I give to William Rydeowte her brother five marks of lawfull English money [£3.6s.8d] Item I give to my wife Alice oute of my lande at Sherborne Thirtie pounds a yeare quarterly to be payed during her naturall life, And conveniente howseroome And the Parlor to her own use in my dwelling house in Chettle, as longe as she liveth Condicionally That upon reasonable request she doe release and relinquish her Dower and all her right and Tytle which she may have or claime of in and to my landes and tenements in Sherborne aforesaide or in any part thereof, or otherwise the said Annuity of Thirtie pounds a yeare to surcease and to be of no force to all intente and purpose Item I give and bequeath to William Rydeowte sonne of Walter Rydeowte my nephew and to the heires male of his body lawfully begotten and to be begotten, All my landes and tenements Rente reversions Service and hereditamentes whatsoever in Sherborne aforesaid or else where unconveyed and not assured unto the said Walter Rydeowte his ffather And for default of such issue, To the said Walter Rydeowte and his heires males of his bodye lawfully begotten and to be begotten And for default of such issue to William Rydeowt sonne of George Rydeowt of Bayford in the County of Somerset [nr. Wincanton, ~17 miles from Sherborne] and to the heires male of his bodye lawfully begotten and to be begotten And for default of such issue to the right heires of William Rydeowt for ever, Provided always that my intent and meaning is That the said Walter Rydeowte shall have the benefit sole and imployment of the saide landes and tenements with their appurtenances untill the saide William Rydeowte his sonne accomplish the age of twenty and fower yeares, And that the said Walter shall keep the said William his Sonne to Schoole, and give him sufficient maintenance to keepe him at Oxforde, and the Innes of Courte, Item I give to William Rydeowte Sonne of Walter Rydeowte my best silver Saltcellar, duble guilt, And my Silver cup of the newe fashion [Jacobean rather than Elizabethan] p..ll Gilt. Item I give to the said William Rideout sonne of the said Walter Rydeowt the Lease of my ffarme in Chettle and all my right and interest thereof withal the terme of yeares thereof yet to come and unexpired Conditionally that the said Walter Rydeowt shall have the use and benefit of the said farme until the said William his sonne shall accomplish the age of twentie foure yeares, And upon Condicion that the said William be ruled by his parents and friendes in all things that shall be for his good otherwise my meaning is That the said Walter Rideout his father shall enjoy it during my whole terme yet to come, And if the said William happen to die before the said Walter his ffather Then the said ffarme to remaine wholie to the said Walter Rydeowte. The residue of all my landes goodes and chattels nott herein before given and bequeathed I doe give and bequeath the same and every of them to the said Walter Rydeowt my nephew whom I make my full and whole Executor of this my last Will and testament and of all my goodes moveable and unmoveable, And I do hereby revoke all former and other will and wills whatsoever by me made, And I doe give to the Preacher that shall speake at my ffunerall six shillings eight pense, And doe constitute and appoint my loving friends George W..dale and Henry Lye gentlemen to be the Overseers of this my last will and testament, praying them to be ayding and assisting to my said Executor, And I doe give them for their paines tenn Shilling apiece.

Witness hereunto Nicholas West and Thomas West Junior.

• Probate, 9 Feb 1603/04.

• Inquisition, 2 Sep 1613, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7, GB. Inquisition indented taken at Shaston [Shaftesbury] in county Dorset in 2nd September 10 James D G of England, France & Ireland & 46 of Scotland Before William Swanston junior Eschoetor on oath of John Boden of the said Lord the King by virtue of a writ of mandamus of the said Lord King that the Eschoetor should make the enquiry.

To enquire after the death of William Ridout gent deceased by the Oath of John Davidge Gent., Walter Ridout, Richard Coombe, Ambrose Burlton, Richard Rives, William Stile, William Cooke, William Swetman, Nicholas Aprichard, Robert Seymer, Thomas Haswell, William Muncton, John Williams, Robert Evered, gent, George Cross, John Hirden honest & lawful men; who say that William Ridout at the time of his death was seized in his demesne in fee tail [William died possessing freehold property that had been granted to him by the sovereign and which was only heritable by William's own descendants, of which there were none] of & in 19 messuages one garden & 19 yards in Sherborne & Castleton in tenure & occupation of Richard Orreng, Richard Paynter, William Ridout, John Lambert, Thomas Glune, Robert Bradford, Marjerie Bushrode, Robert Roe, George Garrett, Henry Barnard, John Moone, Henry Bawler, Tristram Turk, William Sampson, Christopher Richman, Paul Hityard [?Hilyard], Bartholomew Ould, David Easterman and Richard Donham…

Either assigned [transferred] or to be assigned divers lands tenements & heriditaments situated in Sherborne Newland & Castleton [Newland and Castletown are both now suburbs of Sherborne] messuages or respective belonging or pertaining & of & in one pasture in Castleton called Magdalen Acre in occupation of [possessed by] Richard Masters or his assigns [persons to whom Masters was free to pass on the property] one other pasture situated in Castleton called Elexarer Close and of & in on other pasture in Sherborne called Outhill containing by estimation 2 acres more or less in the tenure and occupation of Lawrence Mitchell & his assigns and of & in 5 acres of Arable land called Mousehill in fields of Sherborne in manner of tenure & occupation of Robert Foster or his assigns and of & in one close and pasture called Hammonde Meade in Sherborne ffour Yeare tenure and occupation of John Lambert or his assigns and of & in one other pasture called Fower pitts in Sherborne by estimation 4 acres in tenure and occupation of Adam Taylor or his assigns and of & in one pasture called Great Hile containing by estimation XII acres and in one called Hile Mead in Sherborne for William Ridout in Com'n ['in commission', meaning William Rydeowte, subject of this InqPM] or his assigns and of & in one pasture called Hile in Sherborne lying in Westbridge [Westbury] in tenure & occupation of William Ridout in Com'n and of & in one other Pasture in Sherborne in tenure & occupation of William Ridout in Com'n and of & in other pasture called Vertnam in Oborne County Dorset.

On 18th October 43 year of Elizabeth [1601] he settled [splitting the legal and beneficiary aspects of property such that legally William's lands were held in trust but he was still the beneficiary i.e. 'user' of them] above lands on William Swanston of Wincanton, John Boden, Thomas Swetman, John Ffowell gent for William Ridouts own use and to the use of Walter Ridout his nephew failing him for the use of Thomazine his wife & heir male Walter aforesaid & Thomazine and to the use of Grace Ridout the eldest daughter of Walter & Thomazine Ridout and after Graces death to the use of the second daughter Ffrancisca & then to Barbara Ridout the third daughter & then to Magdalene the fourth daughter & after her death to heirs male of Walter & Thomazine & failing heirs male to heirs female of the said Walter & Thomazine Ridout failing whom to William son of Robert Ridout of Fontmell & his heirs male born or to be born failing him to Richard another son of aforesaid Robert & his heirs failing him to William son of George Ridout of Wincanton county Somerset lately deceased and his heirs male born or to be born, failing him to aforesaid Robert and his heirs of William aforesaid.

William married Alice Hynton. (Alice Hynton died before 30 Apr 1611 and was buried on 30 Apr 1611 in Abbey Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Abbey Close, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3LQ, GB.)

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