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  John of Wallingford, Oxfordshire died Oct 1396
  Robert born Bef 1366 died 16 Feb 1432
  Alice born Bef 1338
  Elizabeth born Abt 1410 died 3 Aug 1473
  Isabelle born Bef 1338
  Joan died Bef 1430
  John born Abt 1365 died Between 20 Mar 1415 and 18 Oct 1416
  John born Abt 1315 died After 1377
  John died Bef 1430
  John born Abt 1255 died After 1290
  Thomas died Bef 1430
  Thomas born 1353
  William died Bef 1430
  William born Abt 1285 died After 1337

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