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Elias [I] Giffard
(-Abt 1130)
(-After 1121)
Richard FitzPons
(-After 1127)
Matilda of Gloucester
(-After 1127)
Elias [II] Giffard
(-After 1166)
Bertha FitzRichard
(-After 1167)
Walter Giffard
(-After 1199)


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Walter Giffard 1 2

  • Died: After 1199 3

  General Notes:

WALTER Giffard (-after 1199). Military fee certifications in the Red Book of the Exchequer, in 1166, record that "Willelmus Giffard" used to hold one knight´s fee in Hampshire now held by "Walterus Giffard", and that "Walterus Giffard" held one and a half knight´s fees from "comes Patricii" in Wiltshire. The Historia sancti Petri Gloucestriĉ records the donation of "ecclesiam Beatĉ Mariĉ de Boytone, ecclesiam Sancti Georgii de Orchestone cum capella Sancti Andreĉ de Wyneterborne" made "tempore Hamelini abbatis" [abbot from 1148 to 1179] by "Helias Boy Gyffard", for the soul of "Bertĉ uxoris suus", later confirmed by "Walterus Giffard filius Heliĉ…tempore Hamelini abbatis". "Walterius Giffard" confirmed the donation of "ecclesiam Sanctĉ Mariĉ de Boytona" to Gloucester St Peter by charter dated 1177, a later charter confirmed that the donations in question were made by "Helyas Giffard et post eum Walterus filius eius". The Historia sancti Petri Gloucestriĉ records that "Gilbertus Giffard" donated "duas virgatas terrĉ in Ullyngwyke quas habuit ex dono Walteri Giffard", confirmed by "Walterus Giffard", and that "Walterus Giffard" donated "partem quam habuit in Frydmore". "Walterus Giffardus" donated his part of land "in Fridmore apud Ullingwike" to Gloucester St Peter by charter dated 5 Aug 1192. The Red Book of the Exchequer records "Walterus Giffard" holding two knights´ fees in Gloucestershire in [1199/1200].

[FMG/Medieval Lands]


The following is excerpted from a post to SGM, 2 Jun 2002, by Ivor West:

The Boyton line and the Brimsfield line of John Giffard, 1231 - 1299, come together at the common ancestor, Elias II of Brimsfield. Elias III and Walter of Boyton, father of Hugh, were brothers. This makes John Giffard of Brimsfield second cousin to bishop Godfrey of Boyton and to Willam, the suggested father of Margaret. Because of the longer generations in the Brimsfield line, John and Margaret would seem to be related as alleged, in the third and fourth degrees ( John - Elias IV - Elias III - Elias II ), ( Margaret - William - Hugh - Walter - Elias II ). 3


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