(-After 1085)


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1. Walter de Lacy

2. Arnoul de Hesdin


  • Marriage (1): Walter de Lacy
  • Marriage (2): Arnoul de Hesdin
  • Died: After 27 Mar 1085 1

  General Notes:

EMMELINE, daughter of --- (-after 27 Mar 1085). The Historia sancti Petri Gloucestrię records the death "VI Kal Apr" 1085 of "Walterus fundator Sancti Petri Hereford", his burial "Gloucestrię in capitulo", and the donation of "villam quinque hidarum Duntesborne tempore Serlonis abbatis" [abbot from 1072 to 1104] made by "uxor eius Ermelina". Domesday Book records "Roger de Lacy" holding Siddington in Gloucestershire, adding that "his mother holds it as her dower land". A charter of Stephen King of England dated 1138 confirmed donations to Gloucester St Peter including the donation by "Emelinę uxoris Walterii de Laceio" of "Duntesburna".

[There are indications that Emmeline may have married secondly Arnoul de Hesdin. Both families made numerous donations to Gloucester St Peter, although it has not yet proved possible to link any of the names of land donated to both families, but most significantly the Historia sancti Petri Gloucestrię, in a list of holdings, records (in order) donations made by "Walterus de Lacy dedit Leden, Ernulfus de Hesding dedit Lyncoholt, Hermelina de Lacy dedit pro anima viri sui Duntesbourne…". This document confirms Emmeline's two marriages, while the interposition of Arnoul's name between Walter de Lacy and his wife Emmeline is best explained if he was her second husband. From a chronological point of view, the two marriages would fit. It should be emphasised that this suggestion is speculative. If it is correct, she could have been Emmeline, daughter of [Dreux de Baladon & his wife ---].] 1

Emmeline married Walter de Lacy, son of de Lacy and Emma. (Walter de Lacy died on 27 Mar 1085 1.)

Emmeline next married Arnoul de Hesdin. (Arnoul de Hesdin died about 1098 in Antioch [now Antakya], Hatay, TR.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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