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1. Herman de Hainaut Comte de Hainaut et de Mons

  • Roger de Hainaut Évêque de Châlons
  • de Hainaut
2. Baudoin VI de Flandre Comte de Flandre
3. Guillaume FitzOsbern Earl of Hereford


  • Marriage (1): Herman de Hainaut Comte de Hainaut et de Mons 1
  • Marriage (2): Baudoin VI de Flandre Comte de Flandre in 1051 1
  • Marriage (3): Guillaume FitzOsbern Earl of Hereford 1
  • Died: 15 Mar 1087 1
  • Buried: Abbaye de Hasnon, Hasnon, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, 59178, FR 1

  General Notes:

RICHILDE, daughter of --- (-Messines 15 Mar 1087, bur Hanson Abbey). As noted above, the sources are conflicting about whether Count Herman or his wife was the child of Count Reginar [IV]. In contrast to the relatively clear statements (see above) in favour of Herman being Reginar's son, numerous sources describe Richilde as his daughter. These include the Annales Hanoniæ which name "Richildis" as the daughter of "secundi Ragineri, vel secundum aliquos tercii" and clarify in a later passage that she was "filiam Ragineri comitis Montensis tercionis". The Gesta Episcoporum Leodiensium also names "Richildis comitissa Haynonie filia Raineri comitis filii comitis Raineri Longicolli". The Historia Comitum Ghisnensium names "Richildis Montensis comitis filia". Other primary sources give her name and specify that her first husband was Comte Herman, but do not refer to her origin: "Richilde mater Arnulphum et Balduino" is named in the Cartulaire de Saint-Bertin; the Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana names "Richelde vidua Herimanni comitis Montensis" as wife of "Balduinum Haanoniensem"; the Chronicon S. Andreæ records "Balduinus filius comitis Flandrensis, Richildem comitissam, quæ antea Hermanno nepoti ipsius comitis nupseat, uxorem dixit", specifying that it was "eo autem tempore" with reference to other events dated 1050 which are recounted in the same paragraph. Although the question is not free from doubt, it is probable that the sources which refer to Herman as the son of count Reginar are correct. It is assumed that the sources which support the alternative case were misled by the unusual inheritance of the county of Hainaut/Mons by Count Herman's widow and her transmission of the county to her second husband and her children by this second marriage. However, Nicholas highlights the "universal community" property regime, customary by the 1050s in Germanic eastern Flanders, under which a surviving spouse received the entire deceased spouse's estate if a child had been born of the marriage. He also records that Richilde's second husband, Baudouin VI Count of Flanders, enshrined this regime into his constitution for Geraardsbergen. This suggests that Richilde's inheritance may not have been as unusual as at first sight appears. If it is correct that Herman was the son of Count Reginar [IV], what then was the origin of Ctss Richilde? Several clues are provided by different sources. The Chronicon Hanoniense names "Hermanno comite…" and "eius uxore Richelde comitissa", specifying that "defuncto comite Valencenensi absque proprii corporis herede" Richilde inherited his county "tam iure hereditario quam coemptione facta", the comte de Valenciennes in question presumably being a descendant of Comte Arnoul [II] (see Chapter 2). The Flandria Generosa provides another line of enquiry by referring to Pope Leo IX as "eiusdem Richeldis avunculo", when recording that her second husband was excommunicated by Engelbert Bishop of Cambrai for his marriage with "cognate sui Herimanni comitis uxorem", the Pope later lifting the penalty. The Annales Hanoniæ also name Richildis as neptis of Pope Leo, and specify that "de Macourt iuxta Condatum…priorissam" was also neptis of the Pope and of Richildis, although this prioress has not yet been identified. A continuator of Sigebertis more precise, recording that "Balduinus Hasnoniensis" married "Richeldem, relictam Herimanni comitis Montensis, que erat de sanguine imperiali et soror sancti Leonis pape noni", but a sibling relationship with Pope Leo is impossible from a chronological point of view. No other mention has been found of any "Richilde" in the family of the counts of Egisheim in Alsace to which Pope Leo belonged. A further indication of Richilde´s family origin is provided by the Gesta Cameracensium which names "iuvenculam Adame neptem Richeldis Montensis comitiissæ" as the wife of Hugues Châtelain de Cambrai. According to Europäische Stammtafeln, this was "Ada de Rumigny" but no parents are shown and it has not so far been possible to identify her more precisely from other sources. Another possible clue is provided by the first name "Roger", given by Richilde to her son by her first marriage, which is otherwise unknown in the family of the Comtes de Hainaut. The name Roger was used in the families of the 10th century Comtes de Laon, the 11th century Comtes de Porcéan, and the earliest known ancestor of the Comtes de Saint-Pol, but positing a precise connection with any of the families would be speculative.

She married secondly (1051) Baudouin de Flandre , who in [1055] succeeded as BAUDOUIN I Comte de Hainaut, Comte de Mons, de iure uxoris. The Annales Elnonenses date the marriage of "Balduinus iunior Adele filius" to 1051 (although they incorrectly names his wife "Iudita"), specifying that thereby "castellum Monz obtinuit" and recording that the marriage was "consensu patris" which presumably refers to Baudouin's own father, maybe indicating that Baudouin was a minor at the time. He succeeded his father in 1067 as BAUDOUIN VI Count of Flanders. The Annales Blandinienses record that her husband's uncle Robert, having killed her son Arnoul Count of Flanders, captured his mother "Rikilde".

She married thirdly (1070) as his second wife, Guillaume FitzOsbern Earl of Hereford . The Annals of Winchester record the marriage in 1070 of "comitissam Flandriæ" and "rex…nepoti suo Willelmo filio Osberni". William of Malmesbury records that Baudouin I comte de Hainaut entrusted the guardianship of his two sons to "Philip king of France…and to William Fitz-Osberne", adding that the latter "readily undertook the office that he might increase his dignity by a union with Richilda". The Complete Peerage, citing "Annales Flandriæ", states that Richilde was taken in battle where her new husband FitzOsbern was killed, but the precise reference has not yet been found to this primary source. The necrology of Liège Saint-Lambert records the death "XVII Kal Apr" of "Richildis comitisse". 1

Richilde married Herman de Hainaut Comte de Hainaut et de Mons.1 (Herman de Hainaut Comte de Hainaut et de Mons died about 3 Jul 1049 1.)

Richilde next married Baudoin VI de Flandre Comte de Flandre, son of Baudoin V de Flandre Comte de Flandre and Adèle de France, in 1051.1 (Baudoin VI de Flandre Comte de Flandre was born about 1030, died on 17 Jul 1070 and was buried in Abbaye de Hasnon, Hasnon, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, 59178, FR.)

Richilde next married Guillaume FitzOsbern Earl of Hereford, son of Osbern de Crépon Sénéchal de Normandie and Emma d'Ivry.1 (Guillaume FitzOsbern Earl of Hereford died on 22 Feb 1071 1.). The cause of his death was Killed in battle.


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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