William Espec Lord of Helmsley, Yorkshire and Wark, Northumberla
Piers de Ros
(-Bef 1129)
Adeline Espec
Robert de Ros
(-Abt 1162/1163)


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1. Unknown

2. Sibylle de Valoignes

Robert de Ros

  • Marriage (1): Unknown
  • Marriage (2): Sibylle de Valoignes 1
  • Died: Abt 1162-1163 1

  General Notes:

ROBERT de Ros (-[1162/63]). "Walterus Espec et Adelina uxor eius" founded Kirkham Priory, Yorkshire by undated charter, dated to the reign of King Henry I, witnessed by "…Everardo de Roos et Roberto de Ross, filiis Audelinæ sororis meæ junioris…". "Robertus de Ros" confirmed donations to Rievaulx by "Walteri Espec avunculi mei", for the souls of "…fratris mei Everardi", by undated charter, dated to [1147/53], witnessed by "…Roberto clerico nepote domini Roberti de Ros…Stephano nepote domini Roberti de Ros…Thomas de Ros…". The Red Book of the Exchequer refers to "Robertus de Ros ii m" in Yorkshire and "Robertus de Ros dimidiam marcam" in Warwickshire, Leicestershire in [1161/62]. The 1162/63 Pipe Roll names "Rob de Ross", with no further words and no payment, and on the following line "Euerard de Ross" paying £30/6/8 in Yorkshire. This unusual arrangement of the names, as well as the large payment, suggest that it represents a record of the death of Robert de Ros and the payment by Everard de Ros of the fine for his inheritance.

[m firstly ---. As noted Robert de Ros´s known wife Sibylle de Valoignes is recorded in a manuscript relating to the foundation of Rievaulz abbey as the mother of his son Everard. Everard is named in the 1162/63 Pipe Roll, apparently having already reached the age of majority. However, these two statements appear mutually incompatible because Sibylle de Valoignes is recorded as having had children by her third marriage which is dated to [1181/82]. The most likely explanation is that the Rievaulx abbey manuscript is incorrect and that Robert´s son Everard was born from an earlier otherwise unrecorded marriage.]

m [secondly] as her first husband, SIBYLLE de Valoignes, daughter of --- (-after 1212, bur Nun Appleton Priory). A manuscript narrating the foundation of Rievaulx Abbey records that "Robertum de Roos" married "Sibillam de Valoniis", by whom he was father of "Willielmum de Roos et Robertum". She married secondly ([1165/66]) William de Percy of Topcliffe, Yorkshire. Her first and second marriages are confirmed by the 1165/66 Pipe Roll which records "Wills de Pci" accounting for ".cccc. m. p uxore Robti de Ross hnda" in Yorkshire. "Willielmus de Percy" donated Topcliffe church to York Cathedral, for the souls of "uxoris meæ Sybillæ…filiorum quoque et filiarum mearum", by undated charter witnessed by "Sybilla de Valloniis…". It is assumed that the first witness was the donor´s wife but this is not specified in the document. She married thirdly ([1181/82]) Ralph de Albini Brito . Her third marriage is confirmed by the 1181/82 Pipe Roll which records "Radulfus de Alben" accounting for ".cc. m pro ducenda matre Ebrardi de Ros" in Yorkshire.

Robert & his [first] wife had one child: Everard. 1

Robert married.

Robert next married Sibylle de Valoignes.1 (Sibylle de Valoignes died after 1212 1 and was buried in Nun Appleton Priory, Appleton Roebuck, York, North Yorkshire, YO23, GB 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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