Nocher I de Bar-sur-Aube Comte de Bar-sur-Aube
(-After 1011)
Renaud de Bar-sur-Aube Comte de Soissons


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Renaud de Bar-sur-Aube Comte de Soissons

  • Died: 1057 1

  General Notes:

[RENAUD [I] (-1057). Comte de Soissons. According to Europäische Stammtafeln, Renaud was the possible son of Nocher Comte de Bar-sur-Aube & his wife Adelisa Ctss de Soissons. This is consistent with the same source stating that Nocher´s wife was the daughter, not the widow, of Guy Comte de Soissons, but the primary source (if any) on which the information is based has not been identified. On the other hand, the Acta Sanctorum commentary on the life of St Simon de Valois, based on an undated manuscript of the abbey of Saint-Claude, records that "Nocherius seu Nocherus, Achardi filius" married in 992 "Alaidem comitissam Suessionensem, filiam comitis Gilberti, viduam Guidonis Viromanduensis, et matrem Rainaudi comitis Suessionensem". As Renaud named his son Guy, it appears more likely that the Acta Sanctorumversion is correct.] 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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