Nocher I de Bar-sur-Aube Comte de Bar-sur-Aube
(-After 1011)
Nocher II de Bar-sur-Aube Comte de Bar-sur-Aube
(-Between 1019/1040)
Isabelle de Bar-sur-Aube


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Isabelle de Bar-sur-Aube

  General Notes:

ISABELLE. The Acta Sanctorumcommentary on the life of St Simon de Valois, based on an undated manuscript of the abbey of Saint-Claude, names "comitissam…Adelhida et Isabel" as the two daughters of Nocher [II] Comte de Bar-sur-Aube, adding that Isabelle married "Galterius de Clamice" by whom she had "filium Rodulphum" who was strangled "apud Firmitatem jam juvenis".

m GAUTHIER de Clamecy, son of ---.

One child: Raoul.

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