Robert de Genève Comte de Genève
(Abt 0960/0970-After 1020)
Conrad II de Genève
(Abt 0980/0995-After 1020)
Géraud I de Genève Comte de Genève
(Between 1010/1020-After 1065)


Family Links

1. Gisele

  • Jeanne de Genève
  • Conon de Genève
2. Thietburge

Géraud I de Genève Comte de Genève 2

  • Born: Between 1010 and 1020 1
  • Marriage (1): Gisele 1
  • Marriage (2): Thietburge between 1060 and 1070 1
  • Died: After 1065 1

  General Notes:

GERAUD ([1010/20]-after [1065/80]). "Rodulfus rex et Mathildis soror eius" are named as children of "Mathilde…filia…Gerberga" in the Continuator of Flodoard, which specifies that Mathilde was mother of Berta who was mother of "Geroldus Genevensis". As Géraud´s son Conon was probably adult when he donated property, recorded in a charter dated to [1061] (see below), it is unlikely that Géraud was born much later than [1020]. Comte de Genève. Géraud Comte de Genève supported the challenge by Eudes II Comte de Blois to the succession of Emperor Konrad I [II] King of Germany to the kingdom of Burgundy after the death of King Rudolf III in 1033. Herimannus records that "Reginolf et Gerolt Burgundiones" submitted to Heinrich III King of Germany "apud Solodurum" [Solothurn] in 1045. "Cono Geraldi comitis filius" donated property to the abbey of Ainay, with the consent of "Geraldi comitis patris sui", by charter dated to [1061].

[m firstly GISELA, daughter of ---. Guichenon names Gisela as the first wife of Géraud Comte de Genève. The primary source which confirms her marriage has not yet been identified.]

m [secondly] ([1060/70]) as her second husband, TETBERGA, widow of LOUIS Seigneur de Faucigny, daughter of ---. Her first marriage is proved by the charter dated 4 Sep 1119 by which "Wido…Gebennensis episcopus" donated "ecclesiam de Condominio" for the souls of "…matrie mee Teberge" to Cluny. Her second marriage is confirmed by the undated charter, dated to [1088/99], under which "Aymo comes Gebennensis et filius meus Giroldus" founded the priory of Chamonix, signed by "uterini fratres comitis, Willelmus Fulciniacus et Amedeus…".

Géraud & his [first] wife had [one possible child]: [Jeanne].

Géraud & his [first/second] wife had one child: Conon.

Géraud & his [second] wife had one child: Aimon. 1

Géraud married Gisele.1 (Gisele died before 1061.)

Géraud next married Thietburge between 1060 and 1070.1


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