William de Tregoz
(Abt 1100-Between 1130/1155)
(Abt 1112-After 1198)
Robert FitzGerold
(-After 1141)
John de Tregoz
(-Bef 1194)
Amice FitzGerold
(-Abt 1198)
John de Tregoz
(-Abt 1197)


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John de Tregoz

  • Died: Abt 1197 1

  General Notes:

JOHN de Tresgoz (-[1197]). A charter dated 8 Apr 1195 records agreements between Fécamp and "John de Tresgoz" made in 1164, relating to woods at Dureshurst, Perregate and Brunnesburi, and the settlement of further disputes which arose after his death between "his son John" with the agreement of "his brothers Henry and Thomas", with "Philip his uncle" as guarantor, witnessed "ex parte Johannis: Henricus et Thomas fratres sui, Philippus de Tresgoz…Walterus de Tresgoz…" .

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During 1192 and 1193 these Kentish estates were in dispute between Peter le Sutton, representing the other co-heiress of Ralph, and Amy de Leiburn and John de Tregoz her son [Ibid. 4 Ric I, 174, 317; 5 Ric I, 171]. John and Amy seem to have got into the hands of Jewish money-lenders, as in 1198 Deulebenie the Jew of Chichester was trying to recover a debt of £40 from John de Tregoz [Ibid. 9 Ric I, 224], and next year after Amy's death, Chernun son of Benedict was suing Robert de Leiburn for £22 which Amice de Tregoz, his mother, owed [Ibid. 10 Ric. I, 209]. In 1197 John de Tregoz and Henry and Thomas his brothers made over a ploughland in Mere (in Rainham, Kent) to Robert de Leiburn in exchange for land in Bokelee (Bowley in Boughton Malherbie) [Pedes Finium (P.R.S., no. 137.]. Shortly after this John, who had assoined himself as confined to his bed by sickness in a case by Ralph de St. Ouen about land in Goring [Rot. Cur. Reg. I. 97, 106], died and was succeeded by his brother Henry [Pipe R. 10 Ric I, 227].


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