William de Tregoz
(Abt 1100-Between 1130/1155)
(Abt 1112-After 1198)
Robert FitzGerold
(-After 1141)
John de Tregoz
(-Bef 1194)
Amice FitzGerold
(-Abt 1198)
Henry de Tregoz
(Bef 1170-)


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Henry de Tregoz

  • Born: Bef 1170 1
  • Marriage (1): Unknown

  General Notes:

HENRY de Tresgoz . A charter dated 8 Apr 1195 records agreements between Fécamp and "John de Tresgoz" made in 1164, relating to woods at Dureshurst, Perregate and Brunnesburi, and the settlement of further disputes which arose after his death between "his son John" with the agreement of "his brothers Henry and Thomas", with "Philip his uncle" as guarantor, witnessed "ex parte Johannis: Henricus et Thomas fratres sui, Philippus de Tresgoz…Walterus de Tresgoz…" .

[FMG/Medieval Lands]


It was typical of the medieval law's delays that in 1212 the brothers Henry and Thomas were being distrained at Bowley for the debt incurred more than twelve years earlier by Amice in pledging her land in Mere to the Jew. They claimed that as Mere was now held by Amice's grandson Roger de Leiburn, he should be responsible for the debt; but he replied that as they held Bowley in exchange for Mere, the responsibility was theirs [Bracton's Note-Book, no. 164; Curia Regis R. Vi. 191, 316].

In 1203 Henry Tregoz was concerned with disputes over the services due to him for lands in Billingshurst and Goring held by William Mordant [Abbrev. Plac. 37; Curia Regis R. II. 141, 143, 253]. For the half-hide in Billingshurst Henry claimed that William should not only do service as for a tenth part of a knights' fee, which William admitted, but should also provide him with one day's entertainment (unum convivium) yearly and provide a horse to carry his young heir (infantem) from one manor to another. These last services Henry remitted, and for this concession William gave him a meadow called Cusig and 8 acres of arable in Tadesham [Dedisham in Slinfold] called Herbetinges, not part of the half-hide. William and his heirs should in future hold by render of a pair of gilt spurs or 6d. At Easter and do service for a tenth of a knights' fee [Suss. Rec. Soc. II, no. 79]. For 1½ virgates in Goring Henry had demanded similarly a yearly entertainment and that at his summons William should serve with a horse in the king's army, at Henry's cost. In return for a payment of 5 marks Henry remitted these services and agreed that william should hold by payment of a pound of pepper at Easter [Ibid., no. 89]. This Goring holding is presumably the messuage and 30 acres of land 'formerly of Robert Mordant' held by John Mongomeri in 1321 [Harl. MS. 173, fol. 9 v.] Henry was also at this time in a dispute with Ralph de St. Ouen (de Sancto Audoeno) over 100 acres in Clapham, which Ralph said belonged to the fee of William de Braose but Henry claimed were of the fee of the Earl of Arundel in Goring [Curia Regis R. II. 114; Rot de Obl. Et Fin. 175].

It may here be noted that, according to the return of knights' fees made in 1166 by the Earl of Arundel, in about 1135 Goring, later the cheif seat of the Tregoz family, was responsible for eleven fees [S.A.C. xxvii, 29], though unfortunately the then tenant is not named. I am inclined to suspect a clerical error whereby 'xj' was written for 'vj'[This may help to explain the 'overcharge' referred to above]; certainly in 1243 when, on the death of Hugh d'Aubigny, Earl of Arundel, the knights' fees were divided between the representatives of his four sisters: it was six fees in Goring, 'Heydon', 'Beaucy' [certainly not Bewbush, as identified by Farrer (op. Cit. 40); perhaps in Parham], and Dedisham that were assigned to Roger de Mohaut. At the same time Robert Tatteshale received five fees in Bargeham, Ham, Preston, Bepton, Graffham, Elmere, and Tortington, and one in Walderton; Roger Somery others in Drayton, Storrington, Kirdford, and Billingshurst; and John FitzAlan two fees 'in the hands of Tregoz' in Ham (in Angmering), Bargham, Graffham, and Walderton [Tierney, Hist. Of Arundel, 17-18]. The overlordship of the Tregoz fees was therefore complex.

As Henry de Tregoz was one of the 'four knights' appointed to select a jury for a dispute about the will of Rackham in 1196 [Curia Regis R. I. 30. – in 1225 he headed the list of 12 knights who were to survey the forests of Sussex; Rob. Litt. Claus. II.80.], he can hardly have been born later than 1170. It is therefore an open question whether the Henry who in 1243 was tenant of 6 knights' fees of the Honor of Arundel assigned in dower to Isabel, widow of Henry, Earl of Arundel [Cl. Close. 1242-7, p. 112], was this Henry or his son and namesake.

L. F. Salzman
(Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol 93 [1955] pp34-58).

Henry married.


1 Sussex Archaeological Society, editor, Sussex Archaeological Collections (N.p.: n.p., n.d.), Vol 93 [1955]: 34-58.

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