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John de Tregoz
(-Bef 1194)
Amice FitzGerold
(-Abt 1198)
Henry de Tregoz
(Bef 1170-)
Henry Tregoz
(Abt 1235-Bef 1293)


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Henry Tregoz

  • Born: Abt 1235 1
  • Marriage (1): Unknown
  • Died: Bef 1293 1

  General Notes:

It was clearly the younger Henry Tregoz who in July 1256 obtained three years' respite from taking up knighthood [Cal. Pat. 1253-8, p. 487]. In the following year he had a grant of a fair at Goring on the eve, feast, and morrow of St Laurence (9-11 August) [Cal. Chart. R. I. 4]. He evidently took the baronial side in the civil war, as on 16 September 1264 he was one of six knights ordered to assemble at Pevensey with horses and arms and all their posse to repel an expected invasion [Cal. Pat. 1263-6, p. 347]. After the victory of the Royallists an inquiry was held, in 1267, as to 'offences during the rebellion', in the course of which Nicholas de la Thyche complained that Henry Tregoz received 150 sheep of which Roger, son and heir of William le Covert and Robert son of William de Wysteneston, who were of the household (familia) of Henry, had deprived him [Assize R. 1267].

In 1271 Henry Tregoz bought the manor of East Preston, also called Preston Milliers from the family who formerly held it, from Henry de Leye and Emma his wife for 250 marks [Cal. Chart. R. II. 166; Curia Regis R. 176, m. 7; ibid. 202, m. 41; Suss. Rec. Soc. VII, no. 759]. Emma was the widow of Alard le Fleming, of Pulborough, and sister of John Maunsel, clerk a notorious pluralist and royal favourite who had obtained the manor from Felice de Milliers [Cal. Chart. R. II. 114]. Henry in 1279 claimed by prescription to have the assize of bread and ale, and also wreck of the sea on his manors of Goring and East Preston [Rot. De Quo Warranto, 757], but his claim to wreck was subsequently disallowed [Farrer, Honors and Knights' Fees, III. 32; Coram Rege R. 62, m. 20].

In 1276 Henry gave the advowson of the church of Billingshurst to the Prior of Arundel who received him into the prayers and other benefits of his convent [Suss. Rec. Soc. VII, no. 859]. In the same year Hugh Lovel mortgaged the manor of Storrington to Sir Henry Tregoz for seven years for repayment of 86 which Sir Henry had lent to him [Cal. Close, 1272-9, p. 336]. The debt seems not to have been paid off, as in 1321 Henry's grandson Thomas Tregoz recivered the manor against Hugh's son Richard Lovel [De Banco, 242, m. 116]; but it must have reverted to the Lovels as in 1340 James Lovel sold it to the Earl of Arundel [Suss. Rec. Soc. XXIII, no. 1912].

That this Henry obtained respite from knighthood in 1256 suggests that he had only recently come of age, and that therefore he was born about 1235. His death occurred before 1293, when his executors Henry Tregoz (his son), Roger de Covert, Luke de Vienne, Mr William de la Felde, and Mr Peter de Gatewyk were involved in a law suit [De Banco, 102, m. 88].

L. F. Salzman
(Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol 93 [1955] pp34-58).

Henry married.


1 Sussex Archaeological Society, editor, <i>Sussex Archaeological Collections </i> (N.p.: n.p., n.d.), Vol 93 [1955]: 34-58.

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