Henry Tregoz
(Abt 1235-Bef 1293)
Sir Henry Tregoz of Goring, Sussex
(-Bef 1316)
Sir Thomas Tregoz
(-Bef 1335)


Family Links

1. Nichole
2. Joan de Poynings

Sir Thomas Tregoz

  • Marriage (1): Nichole about 1303 1
  • Marriage (2): Joan de Poynings after 1303 1
  • Died: Bef 5 May 1335 1

  General Notes:

In 1321 Sir Thomas Tregoz caused an Extent and Customal of his manors to be drawn up, and the fair copy of this was entered in a beautifully written little volume now in the British Museum [Harl. MS. 173.]. It begins with the manor of Goring, held of Sir Robert de Mohaut, with Preston, Dedisham, and Waldrington [Walderton in Stoughton], as 5 knights' fees. It is noted that a knight's fee consisted of 4 hides, each containing 4 virgates, usually of 20 acres each. There is no space here to go into the details of this interesting MS., but we may note that the demesne, or home farm, of Goring amounted to 400 acres, mostly arable, with pasture for more than 200 sheep, and that the garden, here and also at Dedisham, in a normal year produced one cask of cider, worth 10s. There was a windmill here and also in the manor of 'Hayton', which was parcel of Goring and probably corresponds to Highdown, as there was a great deal of pasture. At Dedisham there was a watermill, and two parks \endash Hertpark and Suthpark. Here Sir Thomas's brother Henry had a messuage and some 50 acres of arable and meadow called 'la Violette', which he held by serving the lord in his parks at Goring and Dedisham and by render of two bows, each worth 3s., and 10 barbed arrows and 2 bolts (tribal'); he also had other land, including a messuage with a croft 'on le Stanstrete' \endash the Roman road of Stane Street, which runs through Slinfold parish near Dedisham. (In 1331 Thomas Tregoz complained against 40 persons for deer-stealing in his park at Goring; and Henry accused Walter, prior of Tortington, Thomas de Bensted and Michael de Gate, canons of that priory, and others for breaking his park at Wiggonholt: Cal. Pat. 1330-4, p.128.)

The manor of 'Hamme' \endash evidently Ham in Angmering, as land there belonged to the chantry of West Angmering \endash was held as a quarter of a fee of the heirs of Robert de Tateshale, of whom the manor of Bargham was held as 4 fees, one of which was held of Sir Thomas by William Chene, as was a half-fee in Greatham by Alan de Meltone. Other portions of Bargham manor lay at 'Haddewoldeshurne' [Adversane in Billingshurst] and in Slinfold. The patronage of the church [Excavations in 1955 show that this church, abandoned c.1500, was important and apparently very early.] belonged to Sir Thomas.

In the same year 1321 Thomas Tregoz was granted protection, i.e. exemption from legal proceedings during his absence on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella; he named as attorneys during his absence Henry Tregoz and John de Hayton [Cal. Pat. 1317-21. pp. 556, 565.] Between 1320 and 1326 there were complicated transactions [Add. Charter 56358] between Sir Thomas and his brother Henry, whose main seat seems to have been at 'Beausy', concerning fractions of Bargham manor, which their father Henry had apparently granted to this Henry in tail male, with contingent remainder to Thomas.

In January 1322 Thomas was going to Wales with William la Zouche [Cal. Pat. 1321-4, p.65.]; and in October he was commissioned to array and command all men in Sussex between the ages of 16 and 60 [Ibid., pp. 213, 267] \endash so that he was evidently a loyal supporter of Edward II during the rebellion of Thomas of Lancaster. He was head of the commission for the survey of forests in Sussex in 1327 [Ibid. 1327-30, p. 59], and on 30 September 1329 he had licence to crenellate, or fortify, his house at Dedisham [Ibid., p. 495]. Two years later he was granted rights of free-warren on his demesnes of Goring, Preston, Ham, Bargham, Storrington, Parham, Greatham, Walderton, and Dedisham, and at Bowley (in Boughton, Kent) [Cal. Chart. R. iv. 258]. Thomas died shortly before May 1335 [Cal. Fine R. iv. 441], leaving a son Henry and a daughter Margery, or Margaret, who married Sir John Doyley. At his death Thomas left a widow Joan who was daughter of Lord de Poynings [Pedigree (Harl. MS. 173)]; but he seems to have been married to one Nichole in 1303, when his father Henry settled the manor of Preston Milliers on them in tail [Suss. Rec. Soc. vii, no 1143]. As Nichole is ignored in the pedigree, she probably died soon after the marriage.

Shortly before his death Sir Thomas was owing 15. 13s 4d. to Queen Isabelle. The sheriff declared that he had been able to raise only 20s., but the king's attorney said that Thomas had plenty of goods and had bribed the sheriff [Exch. Plea R. 63, m. 3]. An inquiry was ordered, and when it was held [Memo. R. L.T.R. 109, m. 20], in 1337, it was alleged that Thomas was indebted to the Crown on his own account and also for debts incurred by his father Henry as far back as 1305, when he had control of the manor of Westbourne and other lands of the earldom of Arundel, entrusted to him during the minority of the heir. Sir Thomas's goods were valued at 108. 9s. 2d.: namely, at Goring a horse (40s), 4 farm horses (affros) (26s. 8d), 34 oxen (17), 50 swine (72s. 6d.), 100 Ewes (100s), 100 hoggets (66s 8d), 100 acres sown with wheat (20), 60 acres of beans and peas and vetches (6), 60 acres of oats (6), 100 qr. of wheat in stack in the barn (25), 40 qr. of barley in stack (9). At Preston 2 farm horses (13s. 4d.), 5 oxen (50s.), 20 acres of wheat (4), 15 acres of beans and peas (30s.), 10 acres of oats (20s.). At Dedisham 2 mares (20s.),. All of which had come into the hands of his executors \endash Henry Tregoz (his brother), William de Wolvercote, and William Pomeray, rector of Bargham.

[L. F. Salzman (Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol 93 [1955] pp34-58).]


He [Thomas de Tregoz] married 2ndly, before 1324-25, Joan, possibly daughter of Sir Michael DE POYNINGS, of Crawley, Sussex. He died shortly before 5 May 1335. Joan was living on 24 June 1352.

[Complete Peerage XII/2:25-6, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)] 1

Thomas married Nichole about 1303.1 (Nichole died about 1303.)

Thomas next married Joan de Poynings, daughter of Sir Michael de Poynings and Margaret Bardolf, after 1303.1 (Joan de Poynings died after 24 Jun 1352.)


1 Sussex Archaeological Society, editor, <i>Sussex Archaeological Collections </i> (N.p.: n.p., n.d.), Vol 93 [1955]: 34-58.

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