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Sir Thomas Tregoz
(-Bef 1335)
Joan de Poynings
(-After 1352)
Robert Morley Lord Morley
Sir Henry Tregoz
(After 1314-Between 1353/1364)
Joan Morley
Sir Robert Tregoz
(-Bef 1386)


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1. Joan de Coombes

  • Edward Tregoz
  • William Tregoz
  • Robert Tregoz

Sir Robert Tregoz

  • Marriage (1): Joan de Coombes 1
  • Died: Bef 1386 1 2


Manorial Estate, 1349, Coombes Manor, Lancing, West Sussex, BN15, GB. 2 In 1066 there were two manors in the parish, COOMBES, held by Earl Gurth, and APPLESHAM, which Lewin had held of Earl Godwin (d. 1053). The former at least belonged to William de Braose by 1073, and both were held of him by William son of Norman in 1086. Thereafter they apparently always descended together, being held of Bramber rape under the various names of Applesham, Coombes, or the manor or manors of Applesham and Coombes.

Hugh of Coombes, perhaps William's son, occurs locally between c. 1096 and 1153, and John of Coombes held land in Coombes c. 1180 and in 1206. Another Hugh, presumably John's son, succeeded to his father's lands c. 1209 and in 1242 held 4 knights' fees apparently in Applesham and Hawksbourne, in Horsham. Michael of Coombes, recorded locally c. 1250, had died seised of what was presumably the manor by 1261. His son John held the manor in 1280, and was succeeded c. 1286 by his brother Hugh, who had it in 1301. Niel of Coombes, Hugh's younger brother, who had it in 1316, was succeeded c. 1335 under a settlement of 1316 by his nephew Richard, who in turn was succeeded in 1349 by his daughter Joan. Joan's first husband Robert Halsham held the manor between 1361 and 1372, and her second husband Robert Tregoze, assessed for 20s. in the parish in the 1378 poll-tax, apparently still held the manor in 1389, when he exercised the advowson which descended with it. John Halsham, son of Robert, had it in 1395, and died seised of it in 1415. It was settled on another John Halsham in 1440 and 1453, and later passed under the second settlement to Joan Lewknor, who had it between 1485 and 1490. Sir Henry Roos, a cousin of the same John Halsham, had succeeded to it under the same settlement by 1502.

Robert married Joan de Coombes, daughter of Richard de Coombes and Unknown.1 (Joan de Coombes died after 1385.)


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