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Robert Bellingham of Bellingham & Owston, Northumberland
Christiana de Burneshead
Sir Thomas Tunstall
(Abt 1358-1415)
Isabel Harington
(-Bef 1402)
Sir Robert Bellingham
Elizabeth Tunstall
Thomas Bellingham of Yapton, Sussex
(Abt 1425-1490)


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1. Joan Wiltshire

Thomas Bellingham of Yapton, Sussex 1 3 4

  • Born: Abt 1425
  • Marriage (1): Joan Wiltshire before 1477 1 2 3
  • Died: 24 Mar 1490 aged about 65 3 5

  General Notes:

BELLINGHAM, Thomas (1420-90), of Yapton, Sussex, esq. M.P. 1445-6;14 Arundel 1449 (1); Midhurst 1449-50; Arundel 1459.

Fourth s. of Robert Bellingham of Bellingham, Nhd., by Elizabeth da. of Sir Richard Tunstall of Thurland, Lancs.; m. Jane da. and coh. of John Wiltshire (M.P. Arundel 1401), by whom he had issue.15

A feoffee of Brabourne, Kent, 19 Mar. 1465; elector, Sussex, 1467, 1472, 1478; steward, of the priory of Calceto by Arundel 1478;1 comnr. Sussex, 1 May 1484,2 7 Aug. 1486, 23 Dec. 1488;3 J.P. Sussex, 20 Sept. 1485 to 15 Aug. 1488, 6 Sept. 1488 till death.

D. 25 Mar. 1490; Ralph, age 20, was his s. and h.4

14 ". . . on of the burgeys of this psent Parlement, . . ." ; Rot. Parl. v. 168. With his bro. Robert and others he assaulted Sir Thomas Parr (q.v.) who was on his way to Parlt. "from his loogyng place"; ibid
15 Berry, Sussex Pedigrees, 190; Dallaway, Rape of Arundel, 208. In the Rot. Parl. (loc. cit.) he and his bro. are described as " late of Burnelshede in the Countee of Westmerland".
1 Sussex Arch. Colls., xi. 106.
2 Array; Cal. Pat. Rolls (1484), 398.
3 To supply archers for the relief of Brittany; ibid. (1488), 281.
4 Cal. Inq. p.m. 5 Hen. VII. No. 641 ; lands\emdash Sussex. His w. Jane had inherited a moiety of Courtwick, Lyminster, Sussex, from her grandmother. 3


• Manorial Estate: Clothalls Manor, West Grinstead, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13, GB. 6 The Clothall family, recorded locally from 1308, may have come from Clothall (Herts.). Adam of Clothall married one of the daughters of Richard of Grinstead (fl. 1242), but is not known to have held land in West Grinstead. John of Clothall (fl. 1327- 41) perhaps held what was later the manor of CLOTHALLS or CLOTHALLS GRINSTEAD, and may be the same as the John Clothall who held a knight's fee in West Grinstead of Bramber rape in 1361. An elder and a younger John Clothall were living in the parish in 1378. From that date until the early 19th century the manor descended with the Clothall moiety of Thakeham manor. In 1836 or 1837 Clothalls was sold by the Revd. Thomas Ferris to Sir Charles Burrell, thereafter descending with West Grinstead manor.

Clothalls Farm, the former manor house, is a large timber-framed house of half-H plan with 14thcentury doorways to service rooms in the former screens passage and a 17th-century central chimneystack. The north arm and parts of the east and west arms of a moat survived in 1971.

• Manorial Estate, 1485-1501, Thakeham Manor, Thakeham, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20, GB. 2 In 1066 THAKEHAM was held by Brixi, probably the Kentish noble Brixi cild; by 1086 it had passed to William de Braose. The overlordship descended with Bramber barony until 1361 or later. In 1086 Morin, perhaps Morin of St. André, held 5 hides in Thakeham of William de Braose, and a knight held 1 hide of Morin. Morin's estate seems to have descended to the Power (le Poer) family. Ranulf Power was mentioned 1141-1163, and may be the Reynold of 'Felkham' who obtained seisin in 1175 or 1176. A David Power died in or before 1208 leaving as heir Stephen, then a minor. Stephen was disputing ¼ knight's fee in Thakeham with Robert le Savage in 1213, and obtained seisin of David's land in Thakeham in 1218. In the same year he agreed with Robert le Savage to hold the estate, assessed at 4 knight's fees, from Robert as he had previously held it of Reynold de Braose. The mesne lordship thus established descended with Robert's manor of Broadwater until 1606. Stephen or a namesake was still undertenant in 1242, and successive Stephens held the manor apparently until 1357 or later. Nevertheless Isabel, widow or mother of the last Stephen, allegedly held the manor, presumably in dower, in 1355-6. She was still alive in 1362. It later passed to her daughters Margaret and Joan; they married respectively Stephen or John Apsley and John Clothall. Stephen Apsley and John Clothall had partitioned the manor by 1377.

Clothall's moiety passed to his son John, to John's widow Isabel c. 1409, to Richard Clothall,apparently the first John's grandson, c. 1447, and to John Wiltshire, husband of Richard's sister Isabel,c. 1454. Isabel held it in 1455. Her daughter Joan had married by 1477 Thomas Bellingham, who succeeded to the moiety c. 1485 and died in 1490. It passed in 1501 to their son Ralph Bellingham (d.1532), who was followed by his son John (d. 1542). John's son Ralph, then a minor, seems to have obtained possession in 1546 and was still alive in 1552. The moiety passed c. 1557 to his brotherThomas Bellingham and in 1558 to his sister Margaret and her husband Richard Boys of Hawkhurst (Kent), who died in 1605.

• Inquisition: Post mortem, 24 Apr 1490. 5 641 THOMAS BELLYNGHAM.

Writ 24 April, 5 Hen. VII; inq. 20 Nov., 6 Hen. VII.

He enfeoffed John Chambre, clk., John Coke, esq., John Wode the younger, John Palmer, John Wapeham, clk., Richard Belfeld, clk., and Richard Frankeleyn, of the under-mentioned manors and messuage.

He died on the feast of the Annunciation last. Ralph Bellyngham, aged 20 and more, is his son and heir.


Manor of Yapton, worth 5 marks, held of the Prior of St. John of Jerusalem in England, by fealty, for all service.

A moiety of the manor of Iryngeham in the parish of Olde Shoreham, worth 5 marks, held of Thomas Weste, Lord la Warr, as of Brambre Castle, by fealty, for all service.

A messuage in Petteworthe, worth 10s., held of the rector there, by fealty only, for all service.

C. Series II. Vol. 6. (53.)

Thomas married Joan Wiltshire, daughter of John Wiltshire and Isabel Clothall, before 1477.1 2 3 (Joan Wiltshire died about 1501.)


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