John de Ayot
Elizabeth de Ayot
(Bef 1345-1394)
John Taverner
(Bef 1364-1414)


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1. Alice

John Taverner

  • Born: Bef 1364 2
  • Marriage (1): Alice 1
  • Died: 2 Sep 1414

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In 1412 John Taverner held land worth 2 in Binsted. Under a settlement of 1444 Edmund Turnant, son of Gillian, daughter and coheir of Alice Taverner, perhaps John's widow, had rights in Binsted manor. In 1447 he released Binsted manor to Edmund Nenge, John Michelgrove, and their wives, perhaps the other coheirs. Thereafter the manor descended in the Michelgrove and Shelley families with Michelgrove in Clapham.


Manorial Estate, 1394-1414, Kingsham Manor, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19, GB. 3 It was not known in 1212 to whom Kingsham and Egley went, but in 1218 it appears that they had passed to William Ruffus, whose daughter and co-heir, Emma, married Bartholomew de Leigh of Thurleigh (d. c. 1217). Their daughter and heir Nichola married Roger de Cauz and Kingsham and Egley went to their daughter and heir, Emma, who married first John de Segrave and secondly John de Grey of Shirland (d. 1256). Emma had by her second husband a son, Reginald de Grey of Wilton, who in 1297 enfeoffed William de Ayot of his manor of Kingsham with the advowson of the church, presumably St. Pancras. William de Ayot died in 1325 seised of the advowson of the church of St. Pancras held of the king by serjeanty, by the curious service of rendering to the king, whenever he should come by a lane called 'Goudeslane' or 'Gode Lane' (presumably at Kingsham) to make war upon the southern sea, a spindleful of raw thread for making a false cord for a crossbow. William left a son, Nicholas, aged 34 years, who in the same year enfeoffed William de Sydney of these lands and the advowson. He died in 1331 seised of Kingsham and the advowson of St. Pancras by the same service. He held jointly with Isabel his wife, then surviving, by the feoffment of William de Sydney, who settled the property on the heirs of the body of Nicholas with remainder to John, son of William Ayot (Heyot) the elder, and the heirs of his body, and reversion to William de Sydney and his heirs. Nicholas left a son William, aged one year. Isabel, widow of Nicholas, died in 1374 seised of the manor and advowson, leaving a daughter Elizabeth, wife of Valentine Bromdene, aged 40 years. In 1394 Elizabeth Taverner, possibly daughter of Elizabeth Bromdene, died seised of the manor and advowson, leaving a son John. John Taverner died in 1414, leaving no heirs of his body. His wife Alice survived him, and his heirs were his kinswomen Margaret and Joan, to whose husbands, John Skardevyle and John Michellgrove, Alice granted her life interest without royal licence, whereupon the manor and advowson were seized by the king. Alice died in 1422. John, probably a son of John Michellgrove and Joan, married Mary, daughter of William de Sydney who was holding Kingsham in 1428, and their daughter and heir, Elizabeth Michellgrove, married John Shelley. The manor and advowson passed from John Shelley and Elizabeth to their son Sir William Shelley, justice of the Court of Common Pleas, and from him to his second son, Thomas Shelley of Mapledurham.

Inquisition: Post mortem, 24 Nov 1394. 2 424 ELIZABETH TAVERNER

Writ, 24 November, 17 Richard II

SUSSEX. Inq. taken at Cicestre, Saturday the feast of St Nicholas, 17 Richard II.

She held the under-mentioned manor and advowson in her demesne as of fee.

Kyngesham. The manor, with the advowson of the church thereof, held of the king in chief by service of rendering to the king a spindle of linen thread for his crossbow when he comes to those parts.

She died on Wednesday the morrow of St Martin last. John Taverner, aged 30 years and more, is her son and heir.

C. Ric. II File 82 (11)
E. Enrolments etc. of Inq. No. 302

Inquisition: Post mortem, 27 Sep 1414. 1 185 JOHN TAVERNER

Writ 27 Sept. 1414.

SUSSEX. Inquisition. Chichester. 22 Oct.

Jointly with Alice his wife who survives him he held the manor of Kingsham with the advowson of St. Pancras church without the East Gate of Chichester by the grant of Thomas Hampton, clerk, and John Gurlewayn by their charter licensed by royal letters patent [CPR 1413-15, pp.199,245], to them and the heirs of their bodies with remainder to Margaret wife of John Skardevile and Joan wife of John Michelgrove, kinswomen of John, and their heirs. They are held of the king in chief by the service of providing the king with 3 spindles of linen thread when he comes to a place called 'Isebele gages', annual value 4 [Cf. CIPM XIV, no. 122; XVII, no. 424].

He also held jointly for his life by the grant by charter of Gilbert Forstere and Peter Bevere, 5 a. in Oving of John Foxle, service unknown, annual value 40d.; and 55 a. in Portfield and Pidborough of Thomas earl of Arundel and the prior of Boxgrove, services unknown, annual value 13s.4d.

Long before his death the tenement called the Grove and a tenement in East Street, Chichester, next the Pallant were held by Richard Stuecle and Elizabeth his wife, title unknown.

He died on 2 Sept. last. Margaret Skardevile and John [Joan?] Michelgrove are his next heirs, aged 30 years and more and 24 and more.

C 138/8, no. 24

John married Alice.1 (Alice died in 1422.)


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