John Goring of Lancing, Sussex
(-After 1385)
William Bekke of Chidham, Sussex
John Goring of Lancing, Sussex
(-After 1432)
Agnes Bekke
John Goring of Lancing, Sussex
(-Bef 1495)


Family Links

1. Margaret Radmylde

2. Joan

John Goring of Lancing, Sussex 1 2 3

  • Marriage (1): Margaret Radmylde 1
  • Marriage (2): Joan
  • Died: Bef 9 Nov 1495 1 2 3

  General Notes:

GORING, John (1435-1496); of Lancing, Sussex; ? lawyer. M.P. Sussex 1467-8; (? 1470-1).

Perhaps son of John Goring, sworn to the peace in Sussex in 1434; m. Agnes, da. and coh. of William Bekke of Chidham, Sussex.

On Sussex comns. from 1462, styled "younger" till the Readeption comns. of 1470, including all those of 1483-4 except the subsidy of Apr. 1483\emdash so that he may have been M.P. Sussex in 1483 Jan. J.P. Sussex, 5 July 1461 "younger" to 20 June 1471, 10 Nov. 1475 to Sept. 1485, 2 Oct. 1486 till death; feoffee for Henry Percy, earl of Nhd., in Somerset and Dorset 1463;4 a feoffee of Braboume, Kent, for John Lewkenor in 1465 and surviving 1495;5 feoffee for Surrey lands 1466-7;6 helped to found a chantry at Chichester for the Okehurst family in 1467. Pardoned, 30 Jan. 1472, "of Barketon, Sussex, gent., alias late of Southlannsyng, senior, gent., alias late of London, gent." So he may have sat in the 1470-1 Parliament. More probably a lawyer, for he was so often a feoffee. As he was "senior" in 1472 it may well be his son who sued Thomas Bellingham for land in Chidham, Sussex, as "John son of John and Agnes Goring da. of William Bekke"7 \emdash who was also under arrest in Guildford gaol in 1484.

To judge from his J.P.ships John Goring d. 18 Feb./12 Dec. 1496.

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  Research Notes:

Currently believe that HoP has confused his mother (Agnes) with his wife.


• Manorial Estate, 1483-1495, Iping Manor, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29, GB. 4 IPING, which was held of the Confessor by Oualet, was not included in the lands given to Earl Roger, but in 1086 was held directly of King William by Eldred (of Winchester). It was rated at 4 hides; there was a mill, a quarry worth 9s. 4d., and extensive woodland; one haw in Chichester belonged to the manor, and 40d. was received from circet, or church-scot. Towards the end of the 12th century the manor was in the hands of Richard Musard, who gave to Lewes Priory 'the hide of Trepeham with croft and meadow' in Iping. In 1212 this gift was confirmed by Richard's son and heir William Musard, who subsequently added 'the land which is called Hooe' in a charter to which his wife Joan and his heir William gave their consent. The manor evidently descended in the family, as in 1330 William Musard died seised of the manor of Iping, then said to be held of Herbert de St. Quintin, whose connexion with it is otherwise unknown; William's son and namesake was 'of Iping' in 1339, in which year Sir Henry Husee of Hastings acknowledged a debt to him of 100 marks. It seems probable that this was for the purchase of the manor, which is next found, in 1370, in the hands of Sir Henry Husee, and in 1390 in those of Ankarette his widow at the time of her death. In 1412 Henry Husee held 2/3 of the manor, the other being dower of his mother Margaret, and he and the Prior of Lewes held jointly ½ knight's fee in Iping in 1428. Henry Lovell, who had married Constance, one of the two daughters and coheirs of Nicholas Husee (d. 1472), in 1499 quitclaimed all right in the manor and advowson to John Goring, whose father John (d. 1495) had probably purchased them some years before, as he was patron of the church in 1483. John's great-grandson George Goring sold in 1576 to John Selwyn of Friston.

• Will, 24 Jul 1495. 2 In the name of god Amen I John Goryng in good mynde thanks be god the Fryday byfore saint Anne day
The yere of our lord god Mille cccc lxxxxv and yere of King Henry the vii the xi have made my Will of alle my landes
and tenements goodes and catailles in maner and forme that foloweth First I bequeath my soule to all myghtye god and to
oure blessed lady Saint mary and to alle the holy companye of heven And my body to be buried in the Chauncell of Burketon
in the North side thereof Also I will that immediately after my decease be saide a m masses for my soule in alle hase po……
on Sunday plans/ ? sundry places and that shalbe in saide of my monthes day for I Wilhave noon day therein but ?dirge and v masses
Also I bequeath to my moder church of Chichester xd and to the church of Lansyng x sh Also I will that an old ?Grayse be
….yng at my church be delivered ageyn to the church of Lannsyng Item a gret p…….the which I bought of Richard
……for viiij s be delivered to the Wardeyne or parson of Poynings yf the Chantre priest of the said church Will
paye the said viii s to myne Executors and to Remayne in the said church for ever to thintent that the said Chantry priest
for the tyme beinge may saye the sermons? thereon. Item I will that ii kyne be delivered to the Wardens of the church of Launsing to
?fund a taper of the bequest of John Cehot? And if the said Chantry priest Wil not paye the viii s thenne myne Executors to do their
with as I have shewed them my mynde Also whereas Humfrey Heuster willed in his will that estate of alle his lands
and tenements in West ichemor Byrdham? Selsey West Wittering Sidelesham Chichester Ernley and Westmeston and of all
his landes in Walburton and Yapton late William Okehurst ?shoulde be made to Johanne his Wife the which after toke to my
Wife and to the heires of the said Humfrey body lawfully begotten And for lak of such issue that the Revercion thereof
sholde be solde by his foefees and d….. for his true soule as his Will maketh mension And for as muche as the said tene
mentes restes? in in Henling and Wey .x.x.x. in value above the reparacon and the rents to the ?lord Delve Whereof some of
the houses and land leyin Lewes the which above? all charges and Reparacons was put xl sh and yet not that yearly?
the which was sold to John Sh…. Also in Chichester diverse? housyng the which S…. brought the yerely value ..
xxxx the Rent to the lord of the See and Reparacon Place? xx s Also divers? howsyng lying without Southgate of Chicheste
solde to John Hamwell yerely above all charge viij s Also an hows atte Northgate of Chichester sold to Tanner
above the charge xij s The somme of all these commeth to iiij li In recompence whereof I have caused an estate
to be made to the said Johane and to the heres of the said Humfrey body lawfully begoten of landes in Westyng
ton and Estborne the which are worth above all charges lxvi s vlii? d And so it is dewely Recompensed for there is
no ?Reparacion on it The Remayndere of alle the said? landes to me the said John Goring and to myn heres for the
which Remainder I have ordeyned and made a feoffement of all the Landes which I had from tyme? in Stoke? South
mondham ?Allington(?Ashington) and Eggedon to certeyn persons to thentent that they shall finde/funde a prest for ever to pray for me
and other my friends and suche as the said Humfrey Wilhave pre….. his saide Will in the said Church of Burke
ton as it made playnly apprith? in myne ordeynence? thereupon made To the sale of which howsing my wife and my
sonne John and Johanne his wife here to the said Humfrey were assenting to the sayde saile Wherefore I Require
the heres of the said Humfray whiche are myne heres apparaint that they after my deth trowble ?nor vexe not noon
of the said persones aforesaid that bought the said howsing If they doe I charge and require my feoffees that they take as moche
Lande of myne to theym as is recovered? from then lawfully as the… …. for the Recompence in? farre better thence? the
howsing that is sold. Also where my feofees be seased of the Manner of Malham? Ashford? and other landes and be
rement? to the use of Sir William parson of Burketon during his lief after his death to the use of one John Goringe
and his heres I wil that if I the said Goryng or myne heres ^^ or consolidate to the Church of Burketon
any free chapell Chauntrey benefice or any other thing which may be ..yed to the value of vij marc above all

charges and Reprises? that theyne the said William shall make or cause the foeffees to make estate of and in the Manner
of Malham with alle the remeendr? to William Goring or his heres during the lief of the said Sir William pro
vided that my feoffees shalbe seased of alle the landes and tenements aforesaid to the use of the said William
Goring and his heres of his bodye And once that that the said William Goring shalbe other wise provided
and ordemed fore to the value of the said lands and tenements to him during the lief of the said Sir William
Whereas it shalbe thought conveniently by the said John and Richard Broke Also I wil that John Gorynge
shalhave a basin and an Ewer of silver parcel gilt weying lxxxvii unces^ Also ij potts of silver parcelgilt wey
ing lxxxxiiij unces Item a Rounde bason of silver weying xxxvj unces ? ? quart a dosen spones with wyr… weying xx ti unces
And also halve a dosen of spones weying vj unces and a quarter? ij the best salvers? half gilt one weying xviij unces the
other weying with a lede vij unces and a quarter the best standing p.. gilt weyting xxxvij unces the best Nu??? weying xx ti
unces and a laver gilt weying xvj unces di Item vj Flat pear?? half gilt of oon fassion weying lxxxxxvj unces and iij quarter
Item a powder box weying vi unces di a gilt piece? for Swete wyne weying xlij unces di an halywa.. of silver
weying x unces half a ?parcell gilt salt weying vij unces and a quarter Item a ?maser covered all gilt weying xiij unces per?
di ij Cruetts of silver weying ix unces di a pa?? drede of silver weying iiij unces di ij Forkes of silver the upperende
..stall weying iiij unces and a quart a gente? of silver weying ix unces and a quart Item ij Flat peeces? covered silver
ged? half gilt weying xxx unces?? Item a standing peecforged? half gilt weying xxiiij unces di and a quart the
toppe of silver Item a standing pece/pede? covered half gilt forged??? the toppe gilt weying xxij unces Item William Goring
shalhave ij sennde? saltes of silver one covered? weying xiiij unces di the other weying ix unces di a quart vj spones
weying xxxiij unces a standing pece covered and ?graved of silver weying xix unces ij Flat peas half gilt one covered
weying xxxiij unces di with a sterre? in the botom Also suche stuf as if as Launsyng with a White hanging
bed that cam from Launsing the said William shalhave Item Richard Goring shalhave ij the throd saltes one
weying with lede xvi unces the other xvij unces a covered pece alle white the toppe gilt weying xviij unces di ij Flat
pavor? pece weying xvij unces et a quart Item vj spoones of silver weying vi unces Item alle suche bedding and
stuff of household as is atte Chichestre he shallhave Item I bequeth to Elizabeth Dyke a standing pece covered
with Fete all gilt weying xxiij unces and a quart Item a standing pece all white the toppe gilt weying xvj
unces and a quart Item a Flat pece covered all gilt weying xv unces di Item Nu../Kneve? the covering gilt weying
xvj unces di Item vj spones weying vij unces Item I bequeath to Anne a standing pece alle gilt weyinggxvj unces di
and a quart a Flat pece all gilt weying x unces di and a quart Item a covered pece standing all white with a toppe
of ???? weying xviij unces a Flat pece covered for Swete Wyne all gilt weying xiij unces di and a quart
??? Also I will that the said John Goring my son fund till that they come to there lawfull age William Go
ryng and Richard Goring Anne Goring and Johanne Goyng his brothern and sustern all his costs and
charges and Elizabeth Dyke and Thomas Dyke untill the yownter that the said Elizabeth shall have falle
and come to the hands of the said Thomas Dyke hir husbande yf they be kynde loving and favorable to the
saide John Goring my sonne and brother to the said Elizabeth Dyke Also I will that the said Anne have
to hir marriage C marc which is redy in my kepeing And Johanne another C marc as is afore rehersed to
be delivered of my sid landes And yf they bothe dye unmarried thenne I wil L marc thereof goes
to the eldest son of the said John Goring my son And the other L marc to Elizabeth wife of Thomas Dyke
yf thenne she be alife and yf nott to the yonger sonnes of the said John Goring my sonne equally bytwene
theyme bothe to be de..ded and the other C marc to myne executors to dispose ot for my soule helth after th there
discrecon In mariages of pore gentilmennes doughters and in fowle wayes bytwene dougters hille and
Petteworth Item I will Johanne Pollere have of the Issues and profittes comying of my said Landes
towards hir mariage and to pray for me x li Also I will that my feofees of all my landes and ?tenements
in She… Malham and Ashford ? make a state after my deth and after the deth of Sir William Har…….
of the Maners aforesaid by dede endented to William Goryng and to the heires of his body lawfully be
goten Also I will that my feoffees of all my landes in Eb…hm and of all my landes in Manwoode? called
Chaffengeves? make estate theon by dede endented to Richard Goring and to his heires of his body lawfully begoten
And if his eldre brother interrupt him of any part therine I will that my feoffees ?gyve him as muche land as
loseth Also I will that my feoffees of an hows and cerayne lands in the parish of Petteworth late in the holding
of John Fowhere? make estate to the parson of Burketon and to his Successors by ?livrence of the lord of whome the
landes is holden of and of the kinge at the costes/ and charges of myne executors yf they can geve Liverie? within
a yere And if they canne have no ?Licence thenne my feoffees of the same shall stande feoffees to the use of eny
prest for ever which shall serve in the said Church and pray for the sowles of me the said John and other
of my frendes according to an ordinance made by me the said John Provided always that yf the parson
of Burketon make a true and a sufficient estate of and in a ?? ?? and a …st in Burketon late had of the parson of
Hardham and sumetyme belonging to the Church of Burketon to John Goring myne heires and executors to him and
his heires for ever for the Recompence of the same Also I wil that no man shall medill with no manner of things that
I have bequeathed in my will but only ayde and comfort all such things I have ordered shalbe performed And also
I will that the said John Goring shall paie all manner of duetees? that I owe for to paye And that all mannerof things
that ought to be paied to me shalbe paied to the said John Goring Also I will that if there be be any thinge
in my will that may be constraned t o.. ententes? I will thenne that it be constened and ordered by the said
John Goryng and Richard Broke And I will that alle suche moneys and goodes as I have bequeathed to the
mariage of Anne Goring and Johanne shall remayne in keping of John Goring there brother unto suche
tyme as they be married Also I will that John Goring shalhave the Rule and profitts of alle suche lands

and goodes as I have Willied unto William and Richard Goring his bretherin unto such tyme as they be married Also
I will that the said John Goryng my sonne have all the residue of all my goodes and cataylles after my deths to
dispose them aftre his best discreacon for the helth and wi… of my sowle which John Goring I make and or
deyne my principall executor of this my present last will and William Stafford Richard Broke and Sir William
Harrecourt preest? executors of the same with the said John Goring And I will that every of my said execu
tours be rewarded for there labour and bes.. therin to be had as it conveniently may be thought by the discrecon
of the said John Goryng and Richard Broke And Sir Reginald Bray knyght overseer of the same And I
will that he be rewarded for his labour therein to be had as it canne be resonably be thought by the discreacon of
my said executors

[Transcribed by Helen Hartley]

• Probate, 9 Nov 1495, Lambeth, London, GB. 2 Probatum fuit suprascriptum testamentum apud Lamebeth? Nono die Novembris Anno domini Millesimo
CCCC Nonagesimo quinto Juramento Johannes Goryng et Willaimi Stafford executors .. Et commissa fuit administacio omnium et
singulorum bonorum et debitorum dicti defuncti ?D…. Johanne ? Williami exeunt &c? de bene et fidelite administrand &c A. de
plene et fidele ……………..omne et singulorum bonorum &c …. testementume Sancti …………. …………..xx………. Reserat? p…….commis……

[Transcribed by Helen Hartley]

John married Margaret Radmylde, daughter of Ralph Radmylde and Margaret de Camoys.1

John next married Joan.


1 William Berry, Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Sussex, 1 (London: Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, 1830), 138-139.

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