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John Goring of Lancing, Sussex
(-Bef 1495)
Margaret Radmylde
Humphrey Hewster of Chichester and London
(Abt 1415-Abt 1475)
John Goring of Burton, Sussex
(-After 1499)
Joan Hewster
John Goring of Burton, Sussex
(Abt 1480-1520)


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1. Constance Dyke

John Goring of Burton, Sussex 2

  • Born: Abt 1480
  • Marriage (1): Constance Dyke 1
  • Died: 16 Oct 1520 aged about 40 1
  • Buried: St. Richard's Church, Burton Park, Duncton, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0QU, GB 3


• Manorial Estate, 1499, Iping Manor, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29, GB. 4 IPING, which was held of the Confessor by Oualet, was not included in the lands given to Earl Roger, but in 1086 was held directly of King William by Eldred (of Winchester). It was rated at 4 hides; there was a mill, a quarry worth 9s. 4d., and extensive woodland; one haw in Chichester belonged to the manor, and 40d. was received from circet, or church-scot. Towards the end of the 12th century the manor was in the hands of Richard Musard, who gave to Lewes Priory 'the hide of Trepeham with croft and meadow' in Iping. In 1212 this gift was confirmed by Richard's son and heir William Musard, who subsequently added 'the land which is called Hooe' in a charter to which his wife Joan and his heir William gave their consent. The manor evidently descended in the family, as in 1330 William Musard died seised of the manor of Iping, then said to be held of Herbert de St. Quintin, whose connexion with it is otherwise unknown; William's son and namesake was 'of Iping' in 1339, in which year Sir Henry Husee of Hastings acknowledged a debt to him of 100 marks. It seems probable that this was for the purchase of the manor, which is next found, in 1370, in the hands of Sir Henry Husee, and in 1390 in those of Ankarette his widow at the time of her death. In 1412 Henry Husee held 2/3 of the manor, the other being dower of his mother Margaret, and he and the Prior of Lewes held jointly ½ knight's fee in Iping in 1428. Henry Lovell, who had married Constance, one of the two daughters and coheirs of Nicholas Husee (d. 1472), in 1499 quitclaimed all right in the manor and advowson to John Goring, whose father John (d. 1495) had probably purchased them some years before, as he was patron of the church in 1483. John's great-grandson George Goring sold in 1576 to John Selwyn of Friston.

• Manorial Estate, 1499-1520, Lancing Manor, Lancing, West Sussex, BN15, GB. 5 In 1400 Richard Radmyld died seised of Lancing, his brother and heir Ralph being named as lord in 1412. From 1426 Lancing descended with the Radmyld moiety of Broadwater (after 1457 the whole manor). After the death of William Radmyld in 1499, however, it diverged from that descent, passing after complicated transactions to Radmyld's cousin and co-heir John Goring of Burton, whose family had held lands in Lancing since the late 14th century. After John's death in 1520 the manor passed from father to son through Sir William (d. 1553/4), Sir Henry (d. 1594), Sir William (d. 1601-2), Sir Henry (d. 1626), Sir William (d. 1658), Sir Henry (d. 1671), and Sir William (d. 1724).

• Manorial Estate, 1514, North Marden Manor, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19, GB. 6 Of the several Domesday holdings of Marden, one of 5 hides was held by Robert (son of Tetbald) of Earl Roger, and held of him by a certain Corbelin, who also held 5 hides in Barlavington. There was also a small holding of ½ hide belonging to this Marden, held by Fulk. In the time of King Edward the 5-hide holding had been held as two manors in alodial tenure by Alwin and Alvric, while the second was held by Alvric as an alod.

The manor continued under the overlordship of the Earls of Arundel.

North Marden may have formed part of the 5 fees held by Hugh de Falaise in the time of Henry I, as fee here was held by Hugh's granddaughter Agnes widow of Geoffrey son of Azo, and after her death it was successfully claimed by her nieces Margaret, Denise, and Florence, daughters of Richard Murdac, against William Aguillon, who represented Hugh de Falaise through his other daughter. William called to warrant Alfred de Lincoln, who was perhaps his guardian or trustee. Margaret married Nicholas de Lymesy and in 1235 William Aguillon claimed the fee against her and her son Walter, to whom he eventually, in 1241, made over his rights.Walter was succeeded by Nicholas de Lymesy, probably his son, who in 1246 made an agreement with William Dawtrey that they should present alternately to the church of North Marden. Presumably the fee had passed into the hands of William Dawtrey, as his granddaughter Eve inherited 2½ fees in Barlavington, Marden, and elsewhere. She married three times: first Roger de Shelvestrode, who held the fees in 1302, then William Paynel, the tenant in 1314, and finally Edward St. John. The manor of Barlavington and lands in North Marden were among the estates settled on Edward and Eve and her heirs in 1318, and at her death in 1354 they passed to her son John St. John. The subsequent history of this mesne lordship is obscure. In 1428 a ½ fee in North Marden was said to be held by the Prior of Maiden Bradley and William St. John and to have formerly been held by Roger de Lynche, but Roger's connexion with the fee is otherwise unrecorded. William St. John left a daughter Elizabeth, who married Henry Dyke, and their coheirs were their granddaughters, Constance wife of John Goring and Eleanor wife of William Dering. The advowson (q.v.) descended to them, but no more is recorded of the lordship.

• Manorial Estate, 1514, Litchfield Manor, Whitchurch, Hampshire, RG28, GB. 7 On the death of Isabel, Litchfield passed to William and Eva [de Echingham], and was sold by them in 1315 to Edward de St. John of Barlavington (co. Suss.). Edward obtained a grant of free warren in his demesne lands of Litchfield in 1334 and died about 1340, leaving a widow Eva, who in 1346 was stated to be holding half a fee in Litchfield which had belonged to Isabel de Stopham. Eva died in 1354, leaving by Edward an only daughter Elizabeth, who became the wife of Henry Dyke of Sussex, from whom the manor ultimately descended to two sisters and co-heirs, Eleanor the wife of William Dering of Surrenden (co. Kent) and Constance the wife of John Goring of Burton (co. Suss.). In 1514 the manor was settled on John Goring and Constance for life with remainder to their son William in tail-male, but this settlement seems later to have been set on one side, for in 1537 John Kingsmill, who married Constance daughter of John Goring (if the pedigrees are correct), but in all probability his widow, obtained a quitclaim of the manor from Nicholas Dering, son and heir of William Dering and Eleanor, in return for an annuity of £6 12s. 8d. In 1540 John obtained a grant of the rent of 13s. 4d. issuing from the manor formerly belonging to Hyde Abbey, and died seised of the manor in 1556, leaving a son and heir William. From this date the manor has followed the same descent as Sydmonton (q.v.), the present owner being Mr. Andrew de Portal Kingsmill.

• Will, 16 Oct 1520. 2 3 In the name of god crist Jhesus I John Gorynge beynge in good perfyct mynde & helthe
thanks be therfor to god make this my last will and testament this present xvj day of
October in the xijth yere of the reigne of Kyng Henry the viiith in manner and forme folowing
First I will my soule unto the Eternall and Blessed Trynyte or Blessed Lady Saint Mary
And unto all the blessed and holy Company of hevyn and Comiytt the same unto the
Inestymable grace mercy and petye of God Almyghty My body to be buried within the Churche
of Burketon nygh my Fader and myne executors to make a Tombe upon my buriall by
Theyre dyscrecion with this Writtyng Delicta juventut' meae, et ignorancias meas, ne memin
eris Domine Item firstly I will my detts be paid And that my grantfathers Will be performed
on evry poynt and Article that is not now performed Item I will unto the prior of Derford
& unto all the ladies there to pray devoutly for me xl vs And so I hartely desire theym
to do of there charitie And I wolde they hadde spedely knowledge of my dethe and departure
and in lyke wise and fourme & to lyke intent and purpose I will unto my lady of Syon
and the ladies ther xx sh Also in lykewise and to lyke entent & purpose I will unto the prior
of heryngham and the Convent there to say and syng devoutly for me as spedely as they
candle Masses and say solempne durge xl ?s the same xl ?s to be devyded between
the said prior of heryngham and his convent? By myn Executors Item I will unto the
Mother Church of Chichester xl?s Item I will unto the prior of Tortyngton and the
Covent ther to saye and singe solemply son masse and dirge x sh The same x sh? to
be devided betwene the said prior of Tortyngton and his Covente by myn executors

Item I will unto olde Master Saint John iij li vj sh viij d in full recompense and satysfaccon of all …the
money and duetye as I owe hym for serteyn lands that I bought of hym beside Midhurst that Bagger
nowe occupieth so that he release unto my feoffees and heries as myn executours shall think
convenyent Item I will unto Joane Pollard and her husband vj s viiid in full payment of ten
pounds that my granntfather willed her by hys last Will Item I will unto eny Mayden
servant that I have vjs viijd over and beside there wages And to every Manservant iij sh iiij d ?
over and beside his wage to pray for me and my frends Item I will unto the iiij orders of
Freres in London every oon of theym x sh to saye for me every oon of theym C ? Masses whych
It lytthell above…… Masse And this to donne as spedely as may be Item I will that myn
Executours fynde oon honest preest to singe for me in the Church of Burketon by the space
of vii yeres next after my decease and he to have yerely tenne Marks to be levied and taking
of the yssue and profitts of my lands in Shepley and of my lands and tents in the Manwoode
that oon John Growte late helde and aoccupied. Item I will that William Gorynge my Sonne
have holy my Apparell perteynyng unto my Body and all my Books and all suche Stuff
& thyngs as I have in Greys Inne in London Item I will that myn evidents? be put
and kept in the priory of heryngham Saffely in a Coffer lokked with keyes And they then to
Remayne in the said priorey of Heryngham unto William Goryng .. to the full age of xxiiij
yeres And they the same Evidencs to be delyvered unto hym and not before the said William
Goryng to keep oon keye and the said prior the other keye And yf nede? Requyre of any of the said
evidences before the said xxiiij yeres (Then myn Executours to take over? Suche as nedith and
to delyver a bill) ? of of their hands to the said prior of suche as they have taken owte And to brynge
theym agen And then to have then bill agen Item I have iiij doughters unmarried that is
To saye Sybyll Elynore Jane and Anne Item I will the same iiij daughter CCCC li to there?
Mariage that is to saye every doughter oon hundreth pounds so that they be guyded ordered
and Ruled and …red by the advise or mynde of myn executours The Whych iiij
hundred pounds I will myn executours levy take and Receyve of my goods debts & catalls
yf it will soo farre stretche? And of my goods detts and catell suffise not to co… the
same Then I will that myn Executours levye and take the residew that lakketh or
remaineth of the Issues revenues amd profitts of all my lands & tenements Item I will that
yf it happens any of my saif iiij daughters to decease unmarried or to be a woman of
religyon Then I will that her or theyre parte and porcon of the said CCCCli so beynge
a Woman of Religion or deceassing unmaried go and be to the other of the said my doughters
Survyvyinge Except that I will that she or they so entrying ynto Religion have xC ti
Marks of her or there porcion to pray for me or to doo good dedys to the honour of god and
for the welth and prosperitie of the place of Relygion that she or they shall happen to
entre ynto Item I will that myne executours content & pay unto William Gorynge
oon hundred pounds in money and plate or in other stuffe to the value which
C li I will yt to be delyvered unto the said William when he cometh to the age of xxiiij
yeres & not before except myn executours thynketh the contrary to be convenyent
and profitable for hym Item at this present day Wiffe ?oweth me for?Sir Shurleys woll
Xxli xiis for Gras will xxli over and beside mistres Coke will and the ?vicars of
Rustynton wulle All whych I will my Wiffe have to her clerely with her Joynter
to fynde her daughters & Children Also I will that myn executors make oon Rynge
of golde of the value of iiij or v nobulls to geve the same unto my Suster Shurley to
pray for me and to remember me Item I will that myn executours have all my goods detts
& catells and over that resseyve the hole yssue revenuz and profitts of all my lands

tenements before specyfied by the space of ij yeres next after my decease to p[er]forme therewith his my Will payeng
unto William Goryng owte of the same yerely iij li vj s viij d Item I will unto William Goryng and the
heries of his body lawfully begotten all lands tenements Rents Revercions and ^^^^ that I have in
use or my possession in any place within England Immedyatly after my Will ys performed And
for defawte of such Issue all the same lands and tenements holy Remayne unto Henry Goryng and
to his heires for ever in fee symple Also I wyll that myn Executours over and above all the
premysses above specified ?resseyne? of the yssuez and profitts of all my lands all suche costs and
charges as they or any of them shall susteyne in executyng of this my last Will provided
always that eny thinge in this my Will be not in enywise hurtefull nor preiudiciall? unto the
Joyntor that I have made unto my wife in use or possession nor unto the Joynture that I have made
unto William Goryngs Wiffe Also I will to the Churche of Burketon a Chalyce price xxvjs viij d
Item to the same Churche a Baner? Cloth price x s Item to the same Churche ij kine to maynteyn
a light before the Roode ther whiche were delyvered unto John Goryng my grandfather for the
same intent Item I have promysed to the feofees of the Brethered of Burketon x sh yerely Wherfor
I will that my feoffez of all my lands and tenements graunt and yerely Rent of x s ? unto suche persone
as the said feoffees shall name and to their heyres to the use trust and intent that therewith
the said Brothered may be the better maynteyned. Item I will every godchilde that I have
within fouer parysshes of Burketon that is to saye Barlavington Sutton Donketon chappell and
Wullawyngton every of theym iijd Also I will that every of myn executors have for their labour
& payne iij li vj s viij d in rewarde Also I order and make by this presents Richard Covert John
Dawtrey thelder and the prior of heryngham myn executours And in the way of charitie desire
them to take upon theym as myn executours And I will yf ther be any ?clause worde or
article diffuse or doutefull in conser……. spesified in this my present will Then I wyll
the same Article chanse and worde be const…… expounded? & declared by the said Richard
Covert and John Dawtrey or the longer lyved of theym And suche const……& declaracon
at they or the longer lyver of theym shall make it is my very will that the same
const…… and declaracion shalbe taken repented and acepted as my very last will Item I
ordeyne & make my Brother Shurley Cofferer unto our Soveraigne lord the kynge Surveyor
& overseer of this my present will And that myn executours rewarde hym for his labour
vj li xiij s iiij d Written and done in the presence of John Dawtrey esquyer John Kingismyll
gent Sir Julyan Duboys parson of Burketon Richard Sutton John Westden et alys

[Transcribed by Helen Hartley]

• Probate, 20 Feb 1521, Lambeth, London, GB. 2 3 Probatum fuit suprascriptum testamentum coram Domino? Apud Lambith vij die mensis Februarij Anno domini
millisimo quingentesimo xx ac approbatum et infumatum Et comissasat administracio omnium bonorum et
debitorum dicti defuncti Ricardo Covert per… pre et Alys executor in persona Richard Feld notarij
….^^ ^^ ^^ et ^ de bene et fidelite administrand eadem ac? de pleno et fideli Juramentario et ^
con^^ ^^ de plano et vero compoto calenlo sine ^^^ in ^ parte reddend Ad sancta
dei Evangelia Jurat

[Transcribed by Helen Hartley]

John married Constance Dyke, daughter of Henry Dyke and Eleanor Pagenham.1


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