Simon de Echingham
(-Abt 1268)
William de Echingham
(Abt 1235-Bef 1294)
Simon Echingham
(Abt 1270-1341)


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Simon Echingham

  • Born: Abt 1270
  • Died: 1341 aged about 71


Inquisition: Post mortem, 11 May 1328. 1 175. ROBERT DE ECHINGHAM.

Writ of amotus, 11 May, 2 Edward III.

SUSSEX. Inq. taken at La Bataile, 4 June, 3 Edward III.

Echyngham. The manor with its members, Ocham, Mundefeld, and Odimer, held of John de Britannia, earl of Richmond, as of the barony of Hastyng', by service of five knights' fees and three parts of a knight's fee.

Echyngham. The manor (extent given), including a park of 400a. of great wood and heath, with deer.

Ocham. A messuage, land, rent, &c. (extent given), including 80a. of oak.

Mundefeld. A messuage, land, rent, &c. (extent given).

Odimer. A messuage, land, rent, &c. (extent given), including a park, containing 1,000 deer and 200a. of oak.

He held no lands or tenements of the king in chief in the county.

Simon de Echyngham, his brother, is his next heir and of full age.

C. Edw. III. File 14. (1.)


1 J E E S Sharp and A E Stamp, <i>Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem </i> (London: n.p., n.d.), 14 (Edward III): 142-148.

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