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John Goring of Burton, Sussex
(-After 1499)
Joan Hewster
Henry Dyke
(-Bef 1459)
Elizabeth St. John
(Bef 1429-Bef 1506)
John Goring of Burton, Sussex
Constance Dyke
(Abt 1449/1459-)
Eleanor Goring


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Eleanor Goring


Will, 16 Oct 1520. 1 John Goringe, 16th October, 12 Henry VIII, 1520. My body to be buried in the Church of Bukedon, nigh my father, and I will my executors make a tomb upon my burial, with this writing:

[text omitted]

Also I will that a priest be found to pray for my soul in the Church of Bukedon for the space of seven years; I will that William Goringe, my son, have all my books at Gray's Inn, in London; I will that my evidences be safely kept in the Priory of Heringham, until William Goringe be of the full age of twenty-four years; to each of my four daughters unmarried, that is Sybil, Eleanor, Jane and Ann cl [100]; to my sister Shirley a ring of gold value iv nobles; John Goringe my grandfather. And I constitute John Dautrey the elder, and the Prior of Heryngham, my executors, and my brother Robert Shirley, Cofferor to the King, surveyor.


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