Godfrey le Fauconer
(-Between 1278/1279)
Robert le Fauconer
(-Bef 1302)
John le Fauconer
(Bef 1274-Abt 1320)


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1. Lettice

John le Fauconer

  • Born: Bef 1274 2
  • Marriage (1): Lettice 1
  • Died: Abt 1320 1


Manorial Estate, 1302-1320, Michelgrove Manor, Clapham, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3XG, GB. 1 The manor of MICHELGROVE was perhaps represented by the two hides belonging to Clapham manor which were in the rape of Roger de Montgomery in 1086. It was recorded as held of the honor of Bramber in 1242 and apparently always later. In the 1190s, together with Heene manor, it was disputed between John of Coombes and Robert Falconer. The same Robert or a namesake had held Wootton in Folkington in 1175. Robert Falconer had been succeeded by his son Robert by 1203; in 1201 Beatrice daughter of Hugh of St. Denys conveyed her right in Heene and Michelgrove to one or other of them. The Falconer family continued to hold Michelgrove by knight-service thereafter. Robert's son Godfrey succeeded between 1239 and 1244. A Godfrey Falconer held Michelgrove in 1248 and 1268 and died in 1279, being succeeded by his son Robert (fl. 1291; d. 1302), who was succeeded by his son John (d. 1320). John's son and heir Henry was a minor, but the manor was restored to John's widow Lettice in 1321, since she had been joint tenant. In 1324, however, the king again had custody. From the mid 14th century the Falconers adopted the alternative surname Michelgrove, and later used it exclusively. Henry Michelgrove alias Falconer (d. 1364), perhaps the same as the heir of John (d. 1320), was succeeded by his son John, collector of various taxes in Sussex (d. 1393), and John by his son Henry (d. 1395). When Henry's son John died a minor in 1398 he was succeeded by his father's brother, another John, who fought at Agincourt in 1415, but had died by 1439. His son and heir John was a knight of the shire in 1445. He died in 1459, and was succeeded first by his son John who died later in the same year, and then by John's daughter Elizabeth (b. 1460), who married John Shelley in 1474, thus bringing the Michelgrove family estates to the Shelley family, with which they were to remain for three centuries.

Inquisition: Post mortem, 4 Jul 1302. 2 75. ROBERT LE FAUCONER alias LE FAUKENER, LE FAUKONYR.

Writ, 4 July, 30 Edw. I.

KENT.Inq. made at Herst, 24 July, 30 Edw. I.

Faukenersherst. The manor (extent given) held of the king in chief by grand serjeanty, viz.\emdash keeping a falcon for a certain time at the king's costs; but he did not die seised thereof, for long before his death he demised the same to Stephen atte Dane for life.
John his son, aged 28, is his next heir.

SUSSEX.Inq. made at Schorham, 27 July, 30 Edw. I.

Wodeton. A tenement called Wodeton, viz.\emdash a capital messuage, 25a. arable, 1a. meadow and a several pasture, pertaining to the manor of Hurst, co. Kent, which is held of the king in chief by the serjeanty of keeping a lanner falcon from the feast of St. Michael to the Purification at the king's costs.
Muchelgrove. A carucate of land (extent given), including a capital messuage, held of Sir William le Brewose by service of 1/2 knight's fee and doing suit of court every three weeks.
Heir as above, aged 30.

C. Edw. I. File 104. (7.)

John married Lettice.1 (Lettice died between 1321 and 1324 1.)


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