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William Gernon
Hugh du Plessis
(Bef 1239-Bef 1292)
Isabel Bisset
(-Bef 1279)
Sir John Gernon
(Abt 1297-1334)
Alice du Plessis
(Abt 1263-)
Margaret Gernon
(-After 1351)


Family Links

1. Sir Geoffrey de Gresley of Drakelowe, Derbyshire

Margaret Gernon

  • Marriage (1): Sir Geoffrey de Gresley of Drakelowe, Derbyshire about 1318 1
  • Died: After 1351 1

  Research Notes:

Patrick Nielsen Hayden 1/9/2015:

I'm confused by CE Wood's response to Saba's question, because Saba was asking about the Margaret Gernon (fl. 1332) who married Sir Geoffrey de Gresley (d. 1332), whereas the answer Wood provides appears to be about the Margaret Gernon who married Sir John Peyton. Granted, it may be that I've misread something, or that I'm not seeing all the messages in this thread.

Richardson's ROYAL ANCESTRY, volume 4, p. 366, discusses the latter couple, and it seems impossible that the two Margaret Gernons are the same person. The one who married Sir John Peyton was born around 1350 (age 34 in 1384). As far as I can tell, Richardson's book doesn't discuss the Margaret Gernon who married Sir Geoffrey de Gresley at all. Aside from the (already-discussed) entry in the fifth edition of MAGNA CHARTA SURETIES stating firmly that Margaret Gernon-wife-of-Geoffrey de Gresley was not the daughter of Sir John Gernon and Alice de Colville, the one source on her parentage that I've been able to locate is F. N. Craig's "The Marbury Ancestry: Gernon and Rycote Lines", NEHGR 153:164, 1999. The pertinent passage:
"William F. Carter has called attention to a 1583 pedigree of the Gresley family in which Geoffrey de Gresley (who died about 1332) married Margaret, daughter of Sir John Gernon of Lanington near Oxford. He thought Lanington probably referred to the Gernon land at Lavington in Wiltshire and that 'near Oxford' was simple carelessness. As we have seen, John Gernon also held land in Chilworth and Coombe in Great Milton, only six miles from Oxford. The description in the Gresley pedigree would fit our John I Gernon, and the chronology is favorable. Eugene A. Stratton has rejected the possibility that Margaret's parents were John Gernon of Bakewell and his wife, Alice de Colville." [This last refers to the article in THE GENEALOGIST 7-8 (1986-87) that CE Wood was quoting from via Google Books snippet view.]

Craig's article is prefaced by a chart in which Margaret Gernon is shown as a daughter of John Gernon and Alice de Plessis via the dotted line that conventionally indicates an unproven but plausible relationship.

[Google Groups soc.genealogy.medieval Margaret Gernon, wife of Sir Geoffrey Gresley]

Margaret married Sir Geoffrey de Gresley of Drakelowe, Derbyshire, son of Sir Peter de Gresley and Johanna de Stafford, about 1318.1 (Sir Geoffrey de Gresley of Drakelowe, Derbyshire died about 1331-1332 1.)


1 Falconer Madan, <i>The Gresleys of Drakelowe </i> (Oxford, GB: n.p., 1899), 46-48.

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