Robert de Faucomberge
Agnes de Arches
Piers [I] de Faucomberge
(-After 1155)
(-After 1155)
Robert de Faucomberge


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Robert de Faucomberge

   Another name for Robert was Robert de Fauconberg.

  General Notes:

ROBERT de Faucomberge . "Waltero de Faukeberga, Stephano et Roberto fratribus suis…" witnessed the undated charter under which "Radulfus de Withic" confirmed the donation of half Catwick church to Pontefact St John. "Walterus de Falkebergia" confirmed the donation of "ecclesie de Catthwic" to Pontefact St John, made by "pater meus" for the souls of "sue et uxoris sue Beatricis matris mee", by undated charter witnessed by "Stephano de Falkeberga et Roberto fratre suo, Amando filio Willelmi…". 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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