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Ralph le Boteler of Oversley
(Abt 1220-Bef 1281)
Matilda Pantulf
(-Bef 1290)
Gruffydd ap Madog Prince of Northern Powys
Emma de Audley
(-After 1265)
William le Boteler of Wem, Shropshire
(Abt 1245-Bef 1283)
Angharad verch Gruffydd
(-After 1283)
John le Boteler of Wem
(1266-Bef 1287)


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John le Boteler of Wem 1

  • Born: 17 Jul 1266 1 2
  • Died: Bef 4 Sep 1287 1

  General Notes:

JOHN LE BOTILER of Wem, son and heir, born 17 July 1266 or 1267. He married, after 18 July 1284, Alianore, daughter of Walter de BEAUCHAMP, of Alcester, co. Warwick, Steward of the King's Household. He died s.p., shortly before 4 September 1287. His widow was born 11 November 1275. Her dower was ordered to be assigned 28 October 1287 and 28 May 1288.

[Complete Peerage II:231, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]


Inquisition: Post mortem, 11 Dec 1283. 2 529. William le Boteler alias le Botyler, le Butyller, le Buttelir, of Wemme.

Writ, 11 Dec. 12 Edw. I.

Leicester. Inq. Sunday after Epiphany, 12 Edw. I.

Northburi. The manor (extent given) whereof he died seised jointly with Ingareta his wife of the gift of Ralph le Botiler and Maud his wife by fine made in the king's court, 9 Edw. I., doing scutage when it runs to the earl of Warwick as much as pertains to knight's fee. He held nothing of the king in chief in that county.

John his son, aged 17 on the day of St. Kenelm last past, is his next heir.

Salop. Extent, Thursday the octave of St. Hilary, 12 Edw. I.

Dudinton. A capital messuage, 2 carucates land, 10s. 3d. rents of free tenants, 6l. 4s. 7d. rents of customers, a fishpond, pannage &c. of the wood, and a mill &c. held of the king in chief, service unspecified.

Lopinton. A messuage, 1 carucate land in demesne, a wood and a mill, held of the king in chief, service unspecified.

Heir as above, aged 17 at the feast of St. Kenelm, 12 Edw. I.

Warwick. Inq. Tuesday before the Epiphany, 12 Edw. I.

Overesleye. The manor held of divers lords, viz.- the capital mansion, 2 gardens, 2 water-mills, 12a. meadow, 12a. arable, 2s. 6d. rent of free men, 4 cottages, and 3 messuages of villeins, held of the fee of the honour of Leyc(ester) by free service of knight's fee, doing scutage when it runs to the earl of Leyc(ester); a messuage, 2 gardens, 126a. land, 6a. meadow, ten villeins holding 10 virgates and rendering 5 marks, 11s. 4d. yearly, a service with two arrows, 5s. from three freemen, 7s. 6d. from six cottars, 2 marks tallage &c. held of the fee of the abbot of Evesham by service of 6 marks for the whole, and 1d. for 4a. of them to Hugh Agulun; 7 virgates land with a messuage, 3 virgates without a messuage, 19 cottages, 6s. 6d. from freemen, and a park with two groves, held of the fee of the abbot of Bordisle, rendering 5s. yearly for redemption of housebote which the abbot used to have pertaining to his manor of Budiford; and 20d. rent from a mill of the fee of Warwick.

Kingesbrome. 15s. from three free tenants, and 1 virgate land, held of Simon le Chamberleyng doing scutage when it runs; and a free fishery worth 5s. yearly.

Salop. Dodinton. The manor and Lopinton, held of the king in chief of the barony of Wemme.

Heir as above.

Assignment of dower (undated) to Angareta late the wife of the said William viz.- in the abovesaid manors of Overesleye and Lopinton.

Writ to Master Henry de Bray, the escheator, to extend the manor of Lopinton, 16 Dec. 12 Edw. I.

[Salop.] Extent, Sunday after Epiphany, 12 Edw. I.

Lopinton. A messuage without garden, 1 carucate land, 2s. d. rent of assize, a wood and a mill.

Mandate (undated) to Sir H. de Kendale to inspect the enclosed inquisition and command Master Henry de Bray by the king's writ to act accordingly.

Writ of certiorari to the sheriff of Wilts, on the complaint of Thomas de Sancto Omero that Queen Eleanor's steward of the New Forest had ejected him from the wardship of the land and heir of the said William, who held of him by knight's service, 18 April, 12 Edw. I.

Wilts. Inq. Saturday the eve of St. Barnabas, 12 Edw. I.

Brensaghe. He held nothing of the king or of Queen Eleanor the king's consort in the town of Brensaghe, but held what he held there in socage of Sir Thomas de Sancto Omero, rendering mark of silver yearly.

[Southampton.] He held one croft of the king in the New Forest, rendering 15s. 6d. yearly.

C. Edw. I. File 39. (5.)

Inquisition: Post mortem, 20 Oct 1287. 3 641. John le Botiller of Wemme.

Writ, 20 Oct. 15 Edw. I.

Warwick. Inq. (undated).

Overesle and Whitlaxford, from Middeldene to Stavenelane (?). A capital messuage, 28a. arable in demesne, 24a. meadow, pasture worth 3s. yearly, 2 water-mills, 1lb. cummin rent, 2 virgates land in villenage, 3 cottages, a meadow, and a fishery, held of Sir Edmund, earl of Leicester, by service of 1 knight's fee.

Wihtlaxford. A capital messuage, 60a. arable in demesne, 12a. meadow, 2 groves of wood, 30s. rent of free tenants, 11 virgates land in villenage, and 1lb. pepper and 2 barbed arrows rent, held of the abbot of Evesham as free socage rendering 4l. 4s. 4 d. yearly ; 200a. arable, by the lesser hundred, 63s. 6d. rent of free tenants, 6 virgates in villenage, 4 cottages, a fishery and a park with foreign wood, held of the abbot of Bordesle as of the king's soke of the manor of Budeford rendering 5s. yearly ; and 20a. arable, and 2s. 6d. rent for a fourth part of a mill, held of the earl of Warwick by service of 1 knight's fee, and rendering 1d. to William de Wytenton.

Angareta, late the wife of William le Botyler, has a third part of all the above in dower.

Gawayn his brother, aged 17 at the feast of the Purification, 15 Edw. I., is his next heir.


Writ of certiorari, concerning the age of Eleanor late the wife of the said John, 23 July, 15 Edw. I.

Inq. Saturday the morrow of the Assumption, 15 Edw. I.

The said Eleanor will be 12 at the feast of St. Martin next.

C. Edw. I. File 49. (3.)


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