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1. Robert de la Mare of Castle Holdgate, Shropshire


  • Marriage (1): Robert de la Mare of Castle Holdgate, Shropshire
  • Died: After 1224 1

  Noted events in her life were:

Manorial Estate, 1193, Deane Manor, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG23, GB. 2 At the time of the Domesday Survey DEANE (Deane Mauduit, xiv cent.) which a certain Thoe had held of Edward the Confessor was held by William de Ow. By the middle of the 12th century the manor had passed into the hands of Robert de la Mare, the lord of Castle Holdgate (co. Salop), probably coming to him by his marriage with his wife Alice. Robert died at Benevento in 1193 on his way back from the Crusades, leaving a daughter and heir Agnes, the widow of Robert Mauduit of Warminster (co. Wilts.), chamberlain to King Henry II, who soon afterwards made fine at the discretion of the Chancellor for the relief of the lands which had belonged to her father. Agnes died before 1199 leaving a son and heir Thomas, who came of age in 1203, succeeding to large estates in Shropshire, Wiltshire and Hampshire. In 1216 he joined the barons' party against King John, and, as he did not return to his allegiance on the accession of King Henry III, on 16 March 1217 all his lands in Shropshire, Hampshire and other bailiwicks were given to Robert de Ferrars wherewith to support himself in the king's service and during the king's pleasure. Under some misapprehension the manor of Deane, which was still held by Robert de la Mare's widow Alice, was included in the confiscation, but was not given back on 14 September 1217 when, having returned to his allegiance, Thomas was reinstated in his possessions. Thus in 1218 a certain Thomas le Gastin was summoned to show by what warrant he held the vill of Deane, which William de Ferrars had held while he lived, and again in 1224 Alice's nephew William de la Mare sought to recover for his aunt a carucate of land in Deane from whomsoever was then holding it. The manor was no doubt restored to Alice, and on her death descended to her grandson Thomas, who on his death in 1244 was succeeded by his son and heir William. William's successor was Thomas, who in August 1270, being about to accompany Prince Edward to Palestine, obtained licence from the king to put out at farm his demesnes of Warminster. He died shortly afterwards, leaving a son and heir Warin under age, and in 1274 Sir Alan de Plukenet granted the custody of the manors of Grateley and Deane which were of his inheritance to Sir John de St. Valery to hold from Thursday after the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul 1274 until Michaelmas 1279. Warin came of age in 1290 and obtained livery of all the lands which his father had held in chief. Five years later he obtained licence to demise his manor of Deane for six years to Bevis de Knovill - no doubt on his departure to the Holy Land with Edward I, by whom he was highly esteemed. He died, however, at the early age of thirty, circa 1299, leaving a son and heir Thomas under age, whose marriage was granted in 1301 to Robert de Felton. Thomas obtained a grant of free warren in all his demesne lands of Deane in 1318, but some years later, siding with the other barons against the Despensers, he was taken prisoner at Boroughbridge and executed, and his estates confiscated. His son and heir John, who was a minor at the time, came of age in 1332, obtaining in that year livery of his estates, and died in 1364 leaving as his heir his granddaughter Maud the only child of his son Thomas. Five years later the manor was conveyed by trustees to William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester, and was settled on him in 1392 with remainder in tail-male successively to his greatnephews William and Thomas of Wykeham.

Alice married Robert de la Mare of Castle Holdgate, Shropshire. (Robert de la Mare of Castle Holdgate, Shropshire died in 1193 in Benevento, Campania, 82100, IT 1.)


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