Humphrey [I] de Bohun
(-After 1092)
Richard de Méry
(-Bef 1131)
Robert de Bohun


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Robert de Bohun

  General Notes:

ROBERT . A charter dated 1092 records the claim by "Richard de Mereio son of Humfrey de Bohonio" for a field near the monastery of Bohun from the monks of Marmoutier, a settlement being confirmed by the monks receiving "one of his little sons (parvulis) Humfrey…[to] teach him until he reached the age at which he could be a monk if he wished", with the consent of "uxor eius domina Luc[i]a et filii eius Rotbertus, Hainricus, Hunfridus, Havidis filia eorum" and witnessed by "Hunfrido patre eorum, Ricardo filio suo" . 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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