Robert [III] Marmion of Tamworth, Staffordshire
(-Abt 1143/1144)
Mélisende de Rethel
(Abt 1121/1123-After 1154)
Robert [IV] Marmion
(-Bef 1181)
Robert [V] Marmion
(-Bef 1217)


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1. Matilda de Beauchamp

  • Robert [VI] Marmion+
  • Mabel Marmion+
2. Philippa
  • Robert Marmion
  • William Marmion

Robert [V] Marmion 1 2 3 4

  • Marriage (1): Matilda de Beauchamp
  • Marriage (2): Philippa
  • Died: Bef 1217 5

  General Notes:

ROBERT Marmion [V], son of ROBERT Marmion [IV] & his wife --- (-before [1217]). "Robert Marmion, fils de Robert" confirmed the donations to the abbey of Barberie made by his father by charter dated Oct 1181. "Raoul Taisson, fils de Jourdain Taisson" donated property to Sainte-Marie-de-Barberie and confirmed the donations by "Robert Marmion" by undated charter. Henry II King of England confirmed the franchise of pleas for the land of "Roberti Marmium" by charter dated to [1172/89]. The Red Book of the Exchequer, listing scutage payments in [1190/91], records "Robertus de Marmion" paying "cxiv s vi d" in Warwickshire, Leicestershire. The Red Book of the Exchequer, listing scutage payments in [1194/95], records "Robertus Marmiun" among those granted delayed payment "per brevia" in Lincolnshire. The Red Book of the Exchequer, listing scutage payments in [1196/97], records "Robertus Marmion" paying "x s, dimidium militem" in Northamptonshire. The date of his death is difficult to assess, the question being complicated by his having two sons named Robert by his two marriages, the younger of whom was named "junior" in contemporary documents, being junior to his older brother not to his father.

m firstly MATILDA de Beauchamp, daughter of WALTER [I] de Beauchamp of Elmley & his wife [Emmeline] de Abitot. Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by the undated charter under which her son "Robert Marmion, neveu de Guillaume de Beauchamp" made a declaration concerning a donation of property to Sainte-Marie-de-Barberie and the charter dated 1224 under which "Robert Marmion le jeune, fils de Mathilde de Beauchamp" donated property to the same abbey.

m secondly PHILIPPA, daughter of --- (-after 1223). Henry III King of England issued an order relating to a claim by "Philippa Marmiun" against "Robertum Marmiun seniorem filium et heredum Roberti Marmiun" relating to "tenemento in Tamewurth et in Middeltun…dotis [sue]" dated 6 Jan 1221, received by "Roberto Marmiun juniori…et ipsam matrem suam secum". No indication of her parentage has been found.

Robert [V] & his first wife had two children: Robert [VI] and Mabel.

Robert [V] & his second wife had two children: Robert and William.


ROBERT MARMION, son and heir. All the land of Roger his grandfather and Robert his father was restored to him by Stephen. In 1155 he obtained from Henry ll a charter of freewarren in Warwickshire, especially at Tamworth, as his ancestors had had it in the time of Henry I, and after 1170 he had from King Henry-i.e. the eldest son of Henry II-a charter of free warren in all his land of Lindsey. In 1166 he was holding over 16 knights' fees. He granted Avon and Ditchampton, Wilts, and the honour of Llanstephan, co. Carmarthen, which had belonged to Roger his grandfather, to his uncle Geoffrey, in exchange for the latter's right in Winteringliam and Scrivelsby, co. Lincoln, and in the fee of Manasser Marmion. He granted the church of Checkenden, co. Oxford, to Coventry Priory, circa I170-75, in satisfaction of the injuries done to that house by his father; and, circa 1175-80, he granted a third part of Checkenden to Geoffrey Marmion, whose relationship is not specified. He began the foundation of Barbery Abbey in Normandy.

He is said to have married Elizabeth, whose parentage is unknown. He died in or before October 1181.

[Complete Peerage VIII:508-9, XIV:468, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]


The following excerpt from a post to SGM by Alan Wilson places Maud de Beauchamp as wife of this Robert, as opposed to CP above, which has this Robert marrying an Elizabeth while his son Robert's 1st wife was Maud de Beauchamp:

Robert II Marmion, b. before 1133, d. circa 1181, m. Maud de Beauchamp, dau. of William de Beauchamp and Maud de Braose. About 1170/1175 Robert grants the church of Checkenden to the Priory of Coventry (Boarstall Cartulary No. 1). This Robert, son of Milicent and Robert, about 1175 to 1180 also grants a third of Checkenden to a William Marmion, and confirms to this William the gift of another third of Checkenden which he had earlier granted to William's brother, Geoffrey (Boarstall Cartularies 20 through 23). [Alan B. Wilson, SGM 14 Apr 1997]

Robert married Matilda de Beauchamp, daughter of Walter [I] de Beauchamp of Elmley Castle, Worcestershire and Emmeline d'Abetot.

Robert next married Philippa. (Philippa died after 1223 5.)


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