Hextilda of Tynedale


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1. Richard Comyn Justiciar of Scotland

2. Malcolm of Atholl Earl of Atholl

Hextilda of Tynedale

  • Marriage (1): Richard Comyn Justiciar of Scotland about 1144-1150 1
  • Marriage (2): Malcolm of Atholl Earl of Atholl after 1179 1

  General Notes:

HEXTILDA of Tynedale. The proofs relating to the claim to the Scottish throne in 1291 made by "dñi Johannis Comyn" name "Hextilde" as daughter and heiress of "Gothrik", son of "Dovenald filius Duncani filii Erici", and "Willelmo" as her son and heir. "R. Cumin" donated property to Hexham Priory, with the consent of "uxoris meæ Hextildis", by undated charter which names "fratrem meum Walterum". "Ric Cymyn" donated "ecclesiam de Lyntunruderie" to Kelso monastery, for the souls of "Henrici comitis dni mei et…Johis filii mei quorum corpa apud eos tumulant", by charter dated to [1160], witnessed by "Hextild sponsa mea, Od filio meo…". "Ricardus Cumin" donated [Slapfeld] to Holyrood Abbey, with the consent of "Hestild uxoris mee et heredum meorum", by charter dated to [1166] witnessed by "…Odinello et Simone filiis meis…". Her second marriage is confirmed by the undated charter under which "Hextildis comitissa de Eththetela" donated property to Rievall Abbey, for the soul of "domini mei Richardi Cumin". "Malcolmus comes de Athoil" donated "ecclesiam de Dul" to St Andrew's priory by undated charter witnessed by "Dunecano comite de Fif, Hextilda comitissa sponsa mea…Henrico et Dunecano filiis meis…". The Liber Vitæ of Durham lists (in order) "Hextild, Willelmus, Odenellus, Simon, Ricardus Cumin…", and in a later passage "Malcolmus filius Mal. et comes Athodlie, Hextilda filia Ucthredi uxor eius…".

m firstly ([1144/50]) RICHARD Comyn, son of --- Cumin [Comyn] & his wife --- (-[1179]).

m secondly (after 1179) as his second wife, her second cousin, MALCOLM Earl of Atholl, son of MADDAD Earl of Atholl & his first wife --- (-[1186/Aug 1198]). 1

Hextilda married Richard Comyn Justiciar of Scotland, son of Comyn and Unknown, about 1144-1150.1 (Richard Comyn Justiciar of Scotland died about 1179 1.)

Hextilda next married Malcolm of Atholl Earl of Atholl after 1179.1 (Malcolm of Atholl Earl of Atholl died between 1186 and Aug 1198 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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