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William [I] Trussebut
Ivo d'Harcourt
(-After 1166)
Rohese Peverel
William [II] Trussebut
(-Abt 1175)
Albreda d'Harcourt
(Abt 1134/1135-Bef 1205)
Geoffrey Trussebut
(-Bef 1190)


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Geoffrey Trussebut

  • Died: Bef 1190 1

  General Notes:

GEOFFREY Trussebut (-before 1190). A manuscript history of the foundation of Barwell Priory names "quatuor sorores…Pagani filias…primogenita Mathildis de Doure…Alicia…Roisia…Ascelina" as the heiresses of "Gul. Peverell filius Pagani", adding that Rohese was mother of "Albreda de Harecourt", mother of "Galfridus Trussebut…et tres sorores…Roysia, Hillaria et Agatha". The Liber Memorandorum Ecclesie de Bernewelle records that "Albreda de Harecurt" was mother of "Galfridus Trussebut, Rogerus, Robertus, Willelmus et Ricardus Trussebut", all of whom died "sine herede". 1


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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