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John [I] Lovel
(-Bef 1252)
Katherine Basset
John [II] Lovel
(Bef 1222-)
Maud de Sydenham
John [III] Lovel 1st Baron Lovel of Titchmarsh
(Abt 1255-Bef 1310)


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1. Isabel de Bois

2. Joan de Ros
  • John [IV] Lovel 2nd Baron Lovel of Titchmarsh
  • William Lovel

John [III] Lovel 1st Baron Lovel of Titchmarsh

  • Born: Abt 1255
  • Marriage (1): Isabel de Bois about 1270
  • Marriage (2): Joan de Ros before 1289
  • Died: Bef 1 Oct 1310 1

  General Notes:

John Lovell III, eldest son of John Lovell II and Maud Sydenham, participated regularly in the various campains during the reign of Edward I in Wales, Scotland and on the continent. From 1296, he received individual summonses to parliament. At the time, the group of noblemen who received individual summonses to parliament had not become a seperate class and there was considerable variation in the men who were summoned. One should also remember that at this time parliament, knights of the shire and lords, sat together. Though John Lovell III is the first Lord Lovell, this did not really change his status. John Lovell III married twice. His first wife was Isabel du Bois. Their only child, Maud, inherited the du Bois estates in 1313. Joan de Ros, John Lovell III's second wife, was the mother of his sons John Lovell IV and William Lovell.

[Source: Lovells of Titchmarsh]


On the campaigns in Wales 1277 and 1287.
Served in Gascony 1294 and again in Wales 1295.
Marshal of the army in Scotland 1296.
Summoned to the campaign in Scotland 1298 but did not serve.
Signed the Barons' letter to the Pope 1301.
In Scotland on the King's service 1302/3; Sir William Oliphant surrendered the keys of Stirling to him after a three month siege 1304.
Had licence to crenellate his mansion of Titchmarsh 1304.
Lieutenant of the Earl Marshal of England 1306.
Summoned to attend the Coronation of Edward II 1307/8 and to Council at Westminster 1309.
Signed the letter to the Pope 1309.


Manorial Estate, 1310, Southmere Manor, Docking, King's Lynn, PE31, GB. 2 William Luvel, son of Goel de Yberi, was the first lord that I meet with about 1100, from whom descended William Luvel, brother of Walter de Yberi, who in the 3d of Richard I. gave 110 marks fine to have seizen of it; probably as heir to his brother, who was descended from that William who first assumed the surname of Lovell, being son of Asceline Goell, (son to Robert, lord of Iberi in Normandy) and Isabel his wife, natural daughter of William de Britolio, (brother to Roger de Britolio Earl of Hereford, and to this William who lived in the reign of Henry I. or his father Goell, was this lordship granted, (as I conceive,) by the said King Henry.

William Luvell paid in the 12th of King John, 20s. scutage for one knight's fee here, and one of the same name held it in the 12th of Henry II.

John Lovell was lord in the 8th of Henry III. when his lands were seized, for not attending that King, in his expedition against the Welch as were William Talbot's, and William Talmarshe's in Suffolk; and in the 18th of that King, is entered in the close rolls his writ to have tallage of his tenants, the King having talliated his demeans.

It appears about this time to be the custom of this manor, that when the King tallaged his tenants in soccage, he had a like power, and that if a daughter or sister, of one who held in soccage, married out of the soc, 10s. was to be paid to the lord; and if within the soc, 2s.

On a pleading, if John Luvel, the lord, had disseized John de Dockynge of his free tenements, the said John pleads that his lordship was ancient demean of the King, and that no writ could be granted, unless first a writ of right.

In the 35th of the aforesaid King, John Lord Lovel had a grant of free warren, a weekly mercate and fair, at Docking, into which town this lordship extended.

On the death of John Lord Lovel, in the 4th of Edward II. he was found to leave by Joan, his 2d wife, daughter of Robert Lord Ross of Hamlake, John his son and heir; and by Isabel, his first wife, sister and heir of William de Bois, an only daughter, Maud, then the wife of William la Zouche; and that there was here a capital messuage 600 acres of land, 240 acres of heath, rent of assize, &c. at 22l. 11s. 4d. per ann.

There was also at Docking a capital messuage, called Sandislond, 300 acres of land, rent of assize, &c. valued at 10l. 1s. 6d. per ann.

The said John held, together with Isabell his wife, of the feoffment of his father, to him, &c. 400 acres, a windmill, a weekly mercate on Thursday, in Dochinge, by the 8th part of a fee, and he also held in Doching, 100 acres, of Nicholas de Camera, by the 8th part of a fee.

After this, the aforesaid lordship became divided, and was held by John Lord Lovell, son of the aforesaid John by Joan his wife, and by Maud his daughter, by Isabel his first wife, married to William Zouche, lord of Haringworth.

Inquisition: Post mortem, 1 Oct 1310. 1 263. JOHN LOVEL of Tychemersh.

Writ, 1 Oct. 4 Edw. II.

NORTHAMPTON. Inq. 12 Nov. 4 Edw. II. He held no lands in the county on the day he died, but eight years ago and more he enfeoffed his eldest son John of the manor of Tychemersh, which is held of Walter de Langeton, bishop of Chester, by homage, and he holds of the fee of Tutteburi by service of 2 knights' fees. John his son, aged 22, is his next heir.

OXFORD. Extent, 30 Nov, 4 Edw. II. Menstre Lovel. The manor (full extent given with names of tenants), held of Alan la Zouche, as parcel of the earldom of Winchester, by service of 1/2 knight's fee. Heir as above.

WILTS. Inq. 7 Nov. 4 Edw. II.

Elecombe. The manor (extent given), held of the said Alan as abovesaid by service of 1/2 knight's fee.

Bluntesdone Gay. The manor (extent given), held of John Mautravers by service of 1 knight's fee; and the said John Lovel two years ago granted the manor to William Chapman to farm for ten years.

Heir as above, aged 21 and more.

NORFOLK. Inq. 12 Oct. 4 Edw. II.

Suthmere township. A capital messuage, 600a. arable, 200a. heath by the greater hundred in the field of Dockingg, 63s. rent of assize, &c.

Dockingg. A capital messuage called Sundirlond, 260a. arable, 50s. rent, &c.

All held of the king in chief by service of 1 knight's fee.

Docking. A capital messuage, 35a. arable, &c., held of Walter de Calethorp by service of 2s. yearly, and 6d. to a scutage of 40s. when it shall happen; 100a. land held of Nicholas de Camera of Derham by service of 1/8 knight's fee. Heir as above, aged 21 and more.

Docking. 400a. arable, a wind-mill, 8l. 5s. yearly rent, &c., of which John Lovel his father enfeoffed him and Isabel his wife jointly, to them and the heirs of their bodies, to be held by service of 1/4 knight's fee. Maud their daughter, aged 30 and more, the wife of William de la Suche, is their next heir of the lands, &c. in Dockyngg last abovesaid, as acquired in free marriage.

Writ de melius inquirendo, 13 Dec. 4 Edw. II.

NORFOLK. Inq. 11 Jan. 4 Edw. II. Dockyngg. The lands last above mentioned were held before the said feoffment, with other lands in the townships of Dockyngg, Suthmere, and Tichewell, of the king in chief by service of 1 knight's fee, and the said gift and feoffment were made in the time of King Henry III. Heir, the said Maud, as above.

C. Edw. II. File 20. (14.)

John married Isabel de Bois, daughter of Arnold [IV] de Bois and Alice de Tubney, about 1270. (Isabel de Bois died before 1280.)

John next married Joan de Ros, daughter of Robert de Ros and Isabel de Albini Brito, before 1289.


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