Guy de Craon
(-After 1085)
Alain de Craon
(-After 1140)
Muriel de Beauchamp
Maurice de Craon
(-After 1180)


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1. Clarice

Maurice de Craon

  • Marriage (1): Clarice
  • Died: After 1180 1

  General Notes:

MAURICE de Craon (-after 1180). The Liber Vitæ of Thorney abbey lists "Aleinus de Crehun, Wido pat[er] eius, Isenbele, Wido, Morize, Gefridus, Meæriel de Belca[mp], Mabiliæ, Isenbele". Ingulph's Chronicle of the Abbey of Croyland records that "Alan de Croun…with Muriel his wife and Maurice his eldest son and Matilda their eldest daughter" visited Croyland (dated to 1114). "Alanus de Creun et uxor mea Muriel filiusque meus Mauricius" founded Freston Priory, Lincolnshire by undated charter, dated to 1114. "Alanus de Croun" donated land "in Crudeshale cum ecclesia de Warnburne" to Freston Priory, Lincolnshire, with the consent of "Mauricii filii mei et Willielmi filii Rogeri nepotis mei", by undated charter. The 1156 and 1157 Pipe Rolls record "Maurici de Creun" in Lincolnshire, "deb. I. acciptr. Norriscu.7.I.Girfalc" and "Concordia". "M. de Creun" confirmed the donation of land in Old Scrane and West Newland to Kirkstead abbey by "Willelmus filius Rogeri cognatus meus" by charter dated to [before 1158], witnessed by "…Wido filius Mauricii, Radulfus frater eius…". The 1180/81 Pipe Roll records "Mauricius de Creon et Wido filius" accounting for land at "Waltham quam habet versus Geruasium Painel" in Warwickshire/Leicestershire.

m CLARICE, daughter of ---. A genealogy of the founders of Freston Priory records that "monsieur Maurice de Croune", son of "monsieur Alan de Croune le primer foundeur de Friston et Muriele sa femme", married "Clarice".

Maurice & his wife had two children: Guy and Raoul. 1

Maurice married Clarice.


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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