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1. Maud de Charneles

Robert Holdenby of Holdenby, Northamptonshire 2 3 4 5

  • Marriage (1): Maud de Charneles before 18 Oct 1362 1 2 3
  • Died: Jun 1411 3 5


• Manorial Estate, 1362-1411, Old Manor, Old, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN6, GB. 3 The half fee held by William of All Saints in 1235 had passed by 1245 into the hands of William Gaugy, who in that year granted it to his son John, retaining a life interest in it. (fn. 34) Possibly Walter St. Leger had acquired this fee and it was this, and not the St. Leger half fee, which he leased to William Gaugy, as already mentioned. Roger of All Saints, son of William and Christiane, was claiming a half fee here in 1260 against William St. Leger, (fn. 35) and his grandson (fn. 36) Ralph still held land in the parish in 1330. (fn. 37) From John Gaugy, who was holding in 1284, (fn. 38) the half fee apparently descended to Philip Gaugy, in 1332. (fn. 39) This may be the half fee held of the Earl of Oxford by the heirs of Thomas Carnell in 1360, (fn. 40) and by the heirs of William Carnels in 1371 (fn. 41) and of William de la Kervell (sic) in 1428. (fn. 42)

William de la Carnail, died in 1349 seised of 40s. worth of land and rent in Wold held of the Earl of Oxford. (fn. 43) His daughter and heir Maud was then aged 1 year. Eventually she married Robert Holdenby of Holdenby, who held the 'manor' in 1375. (fn. 44) On his death in June 1411 he was succeeded by his son John, from whom the manor passed to his second son John. He was succeeded by his son William, (fn. 45) whose son William died seised of a sixth of a knight's fee in Wold held of the Earl of Oxford in July 1498.

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• Manorial Estate, 1362-1411, Holdenby's Manor, Earls Barton, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN6, GB. 2 A second manor in Earls Barton called HOLDENBY'S and later SPENCER'S MANOR was held in the latter half of the 13th century by the Charneles, or Carnail, (fn. 27) family. In 1247 Agnes de Carnail conveyed her lands in Barton to William de Carnail. (fn. 28) In 1275 William de Carnail was presented for having encroached on the high road in Barton, (fn. 29) and in 1285 he, with Seman de Stokes (guardian of Simon de Thorpe), (fn. 30) held a knight's fee there. (fn. 31) Another William, presumably his son, in 1325 held ¼ fee in Barton. (fn. 32) In 1343 William and his wife Isabel transferred the manor to their son William and his wife Joan. (fn. 33) In 1346 William held fees in Earls Barton. (fn. 34) William de Carnail died on 24 June 1349, when the Black Death was raging in this district, leaving as heir his daughter Maud, then 1 year old, (fn. 35) in ward to John and Thomas de Carnail, brothers of William. (fn. 36) In 1362 an inquisition was made concerning the age of Maud, who had married Robert de Holdenby. (fn. 37) Robert and Maud in 1392 granted certain lands out of their manor to the nunnery of Delapré. (fn. 38) Robert de Holdenby was succeeded by John; after whom the manor descended to his son John Holdenby and his wife Joan. Their son William (fn. 39) in 1456 granted to his mother certain lands in Barton for her life. William's son William, who in 1490 granted to his mother Agnes Nevill for life certain rents out of his manor, (fn. 40) was the last of his family to hold the manor; from him it appears to have passed to the Muscote family.

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• Manorial Estate, 1411, Holdenby's Manor, Isham, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN14, GB. 5 Six small virgates in Isham were entered in the Northampton Survey as held by Geoffrey of the fee of Huntingdon, (fn. 67) though in the Domesday Survey no lands were entered as held in Isham by the Countess Judith. They must have been the origin of the manor of Isham which was afterwards returned with Little Harrowden as a member of Great Harrowden, and was later known as HALDENBY'S MANOR or the MANOR OF HOLDENBY in Isham and, as previously stated, probably corresponded to Lower Isham or a fee called the Lower Fee. In 1235 half a fee in Clipston and Isham was held of the fee of Huntingdon by Simon 'Major'. (fn. 68) From the Quo Warranto returns in 1329\endash 30 it appears that the manor of Great Harrowden with its members Little Harrowden and Isham were given by Robert de Muschamp to Geoffrey de Lewknor, from whom this property descended to his son and heir Ralph. (fn. 69) This Isham manor descended as a member of Great Harrowden (q.v.) until the 15th century. In 1411 Maud wife of Robert Haldenby granted to John Haldenby her son a rent of half a pound of pepper from the manor of Isham. (fn. 70) William de Haldenby of Isham appears in 1428 as holding lands in Wollaston, (fn. 71) and had evidently succeeded to this Isham manor.

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Robert married Maud de Charneles, daughter of William de Charneles and Joan, before 18 Oct 1362.1 2 3 (Maud de Charneles was born before 27 Oct 1343 in Earls Barton, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN6, GB 1, baptised on 27 Oct 1343 in All Saints' Church, 7 High Street, Earls Barton, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN6, GB 1 and died after 1411.)


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