Laurence Frowick
(Abt 1200-Abt 1252)
Thomas de Durham
(Abt 1210-)
Henry Frowick
(Abt 1230-1286)
Isabel de Durham
(Abt 1235-1300)
Reginald Frowick
(Abt 1260-1300)


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1. Agnes

Reginald Frowick

  • Born: Abt 1260
  • Marriage (1): Agnes about 1287 in London, GB
  • Died: 1300 aged about 40

  General Notes:

Friday in the week of Pentecost, 23 Edward I. [A. D. 1295], at the King 's command, announced by J[ohn] le Bretun, it was agreed that three shi ps should sail in the King's service, together with other ships from the C inque Ports, at the charge of the citizens of London, viz., the ship of N ew Castle (novo castro), the ship of Richard de Chiggewelle and Adam de Fu lham, the ship of Alexander Pyk and Thomas de Bolonia.
For raising the money it was agreed that out of every 20s. in chattels a nd merchandise 2 pence should be paid, and this according to the taxati on of the sixth penny, &c.
The same day John de Batquill, (William de Hereford, (fn. 1) ) Robert de B asinge, Stephen Asschewy, and John le Blunt undertook to pay to Sir Jo hn le Bretun, the Warden, 40 on Sunday in the octave of H. Trinity, whi ch sum the said Warden lent to them for the Commonalty of the City for t he costs of the above ships and men. Thereupon the rest of the Aldermen a nd six men of each Ward, as appears in a panel, bound themselves to acqu it the aforesaid John, Robert, Stephen, and John of the said sum on the d ay aforesaid; and unless, &c.
Monday the Feast of St. James, Ap. [25 July], 23 Edward I. [A. D. 1295 ], it was agreed by the Warden, William de Hereford, Stephen Aschewy, Ad am de Fulham, Henry le Bole, Nicholas de Farndone, William de Betoynne, a nd Walter de Finchingfeud, that Martin de Aumbresbire, late Sheriff of Lon don and Middlesex, should be delivered by mainprise of Walter de Finchingf eud, Nicholas de Farndone, and Reginald de Frouwyk, who undertook th at he should acquit the Commonalty of the City, in respect of what he ow ed the King touching the ferm and all other debts incurred during his Shri evalty, before Sunday next, or else have him recommitted to prison. (f n. 2)

Wednesday before the Feast of SS. Philip and James [1 May]. 27 Edward I. [ A. D. 1299], it was agreed by Sir Henry le Galys, then Mayor, William de B ettoyne, William de Leyre, Richard de Gloucestre, John Wade, William le Ma sener, and John de Donestapil, that Martin de Aumesbyry, late Sheriff of L ondon and Middlesex, should be set free by mainprise of Reginald de Frow yc and Walter de Finingfeud, who undertook to acquit the Commonalty of a ll money due by him to the King before Whitsunday, or return him into cust ody. From: 'Folios xx - xxix', Calendar of letter-books of the city of Lo ndon: C: 1291-1309 (1901), pp. 20-40. URL: k/report.asp?compid=33055&strquery=frouwyk. Date accessed: 11 January 2007 .
Tuesday the morrow of St. Swithin [15 July], 24 Edward I. [A. D. 1296 ], it was agreed by Stephen Aschewy, William de Bettoyne, Richard Aschew y, John le Blunt, Richard de Gloucester, Thomas Romeyn, and Walter de Finc hingfeud that Martin de Aumesbyry, late Sheriff, should be released by mai nprise of Walter de Finchingfeud and Reginald de Frowyc that he would p ay his debts before Tuesday next, or be recommitted.
Folio xx b.
(Mainprise continued from time to time until the following Feast of All Sa ints, the said Martin covenanting to pay the citizens of London the s um of 20 in part payment of his debt.) From: 'Folios xx - xxix', Calend ar of letter-books of the city of London: C: 1291-1309 (1901), pp. 20-4 0. URL: frouwyk. Date accessed: 11 January 2007.

On Wednesday in Easter week the King sent his writ of Privy Seal bidding t he citizens of London assist the King's son in guarding the South Coast wi th a convenient force, in such a manner as if it were the King himself. Da ted "Halielaunde," (fn. 3) 15 March, 24 Edward I. [A. D. 1295-6]. (f
Be it remembered that on the same day, in the presence of Ralph de Sandwyc h, (fn. 5) Sir John le Bretun, then Warden, and the Aldermen and others, a ssembled at the King's command, John de Douuegate, Nicholas Pycot, merce r, and Geoffrey de Conduit, taverner, who had formerly opposed the sendi ng of an armed force with the King's son, withdrew their opposition, and a ssented to join the force in person with horses and arms, (fn. 6) &c.
On Sunday before the Feast of St. Mark [25 April], 24 Edward I. [A. D. 129 6], the King sent his writ of Privy Seal, addressed to the citizens of Lon don, bidding them give credence to what John de Metingham, Ralph de Sandwy ch, and John le Bretoun might tell them on his behalf for the common wea l, and to send their answer by bearer. Dated Berewik on Tweed, 9 Apri l, 24 Edward I. [A. D. 1296]/ (fn. 7)
Reply to the above writs. (fn. 8)
Folio xxii.
An assembly of Aldermen and other citizens of London for the purpose of or daining and executing the mandate of the lord the King as appears at the h ead of the preceding folio, and for executing the petition of Sir Edwar d, son of the lord the King, to the effect that citizens of London might a ccompany the said Sir Edward to guard the seaports in the parts of Kent ag ainst the King of France and other of our enemies; to which assembly ca me all the underwritten on Thursday in Easter week, anno 24 Edward I. [ A. D. 1296], viz,: Sir John Bretun, then Warden of the City, Sir Stephen E swy, Robert de Basinge, William de Hereford, John le Blund, Adam de Foleha m, Thomas Cros, John de Canterbury, Adam de Rokele, Walter de Rokele, Will iam de Bettoyne, Martin Box, Nicholas de Farndone, Richard Eswy, Richa rd de Gloucester, Walter de Finchingfeud, Henry le Bole-Aldermen.
Robert de Chalfhunte, Reginald de Frowick, Ralph Godchep, William de Garth one, William de Helmetone, Richard de Caumpes, Henry Hautein, Gilbert ( ?) Marechal, William Amys, John le Benere, Hugh Porte, Stephen Pikenan [si c], Robert Pikeman, Reginald le Barber, "Alnus" (Alan) de Suffolk, Willi am Jurdan, Matthew le Chaundeler, Henry de Belhus, Thomas de Waledene, Rob ert de Paris, John de Abindone, William de Paris, Gregory Lorimer, Willi am atte Grove, Gilbert de la Marche, Richard de Wimbisse, John Vigerous, H enry Speroner, William Ediman, Richard Poterel, John Cole, Edmund Trentema rs, Alan le Potter, Thomas Broning, William le Cornour, William de Suffol k, Robert Laurens, Thomas de Suffolk, William de Red, Robert Gange, Robe rt de Assindone, John le Chaundeler, ...... de Cumtone, John de Stortefor d, Geoffrey Hurel, Walter de Wanlock, John le Botoner, Yvo de Wytele, Rog er le Mareschal, Robert de Fingrie, Simon de Paris, Walter de Herlested-Ci tizens.
These granted for themselves and the whole Commonalty that twenty horses c aparisoned with their belongings should go with the above Sir Edward, s on of the lord the King, to the seaports, there to remain with him in a id of the war for four weeks, each horseman receiving 20 marks for his exp enses, and that the said money should be raised in each Ward, viz., the th ird part of the seventh penny granted to the King. (fn. 9) From: 'Foli os xx - xxix', Calendar of letter-books of the city of London: C: 1291-13 09 (1901), pp. 20-40. URL: pid=33055&strquery=frouwyk. Date accessed: 11 January 2007.

Tuesday after the Feast of St. Laurence [10 Aug.], 26 Edward I. [A. D. 129 8], it was agreed by Henry le Galeys, the Mayor, and Thomas Romyn, Willi am de Lyre, Walter de "Finingfeud," John de Canterbury, Richard le Merce r, Nicholas Pykoc, William de Bettoyne, Adam de Halingbyry, and John de Do nestapil, that Martin de Aumesbyry should be admitted to the mainpri se of Reginald de Frowyc for his appearance before the aforesaid Mayor a nd Aldermen, quo et quando, &c. From: 'Folios xx - xxix', Calendar of let ter-books of the city of London: C: 1291-1309 (1901), pp. 20-40. URL: http :// Da te accessed: 11 January 2007.

Wednesday after the Feast of St. Nicholas [6 Dec.], 27 Edward I. [A. D. 12 98], before Henry le Galys, Mayor; John le Blunt, Geoffrey de Nortone, Tho mas Romyn, John Wade, Adam de Hallingbyry, Salomon le Cutteler, Nicholas P yckoc, Ralph de Hunylane, John de Donestaple, Aldermen; and Richer de Refh am and Thomas Sely, Sheriffs-Richard de Gloucestre, William de Leyre, Nich olas Pyckoc, Aldermen; and John de Duegate, Reginald de Frowyc, goldsmit h, John Baunquer, Mark le Drapper, Nicholas Broun, and William de Red we re appointed auditors of the account of William de Bettoyne during the ti me that he was Chamberlain at the Guildhall. From: 'Folios xx - xxix', Ca lendar of letter-books of the city of London: C: 1291-1309 (1901), pp. 20- 40. URL: =frouwyk. Date accessed: 11 January 2007.

294. The following have sold cloth contrary to the assize: John Adrian t he elder, John Adrian the younger, John Neuman, William de Northawe, Anket in de Brettevill, Roger de Derbi, Reginald de Frouwyk, Robert Camayle, Ste phen de Cornhull, Robert de Linton, William Bukerell From: 'Crown Plea s: 1 Edward I - 4 Edward I (nos 238-294)', The London eyre of 1276 (1976 ), pp. 66-83. URL: 9&strquery=frouwyk. Date accessed: 11 January 2007.

Wednesday the Feast of St. Barnabas [11 June], 26 Edward I. [A.D. 1298], B rother John de Leuesham, one of the Brethren of the Bridge House (domus po ntis), (fn. 20) London, became bailiff of the manor of Leuesham, (fn. 2 1) admitting the care and administration of all goods, &c. And by his oa th he bound himself to render thereof reasonable account, &c. (fn. 22)
The following Friday there were assembled in the Chamber of the Guildhal l, Henry le Galeys, the Mayor; John de Storteford and William de Stortefor d, the Sheriffs; Richard de Gloucestre, Thomas Sely, Ralph de Honilane, Ni cholas Hauteyn, John de Donestaple, William de Leyre, William de Betoyn e, John de Canterbury, Richer le Mercer, Thomas Romayn, John Wade, Geoffr ey de Nortone, and Adam de Roquesle, Aldermen; Thomas de Suffolk and Ad am de Fulham, late Sheriffs; Reginald de Frouwyk, John le Chaucer, and oth ers [not named], and there they agreed that merchants of Sandwich should n ot traffic with foreigners. From: 'Folios 90 - 96', Calendar of letter-bo oks of the city of London: B: 1275-1312 (1900), pp. 205-19. URL: http://ww Date acc essed: 11 January 2007.


Occupation: mercer.

Manorial Estate: Old Ford Manor, South Mimms, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6, GB. 1 The manor of OLD FOLD emerged from the capital manor. It was bought from Ernulf de Mandeville by the Frowyks, who were prosperous London merchants, shortly after 1271 (fn. 29) and it descended in the direct male line of the family until 1527. In 1308 Henry Frowyk was kidnapped by Thomas Lewknor, lord of South Mimms, William Pouns, a local landowner, (fn. 30) his son Richard, and John of Felstead, parson of Hadley. Henry was married to William Pouns's daughter, Margaret, for which act the Frowyks subsequently obtained financial redress, on the grounds that Henry was a minor in the wardship of his mother Agnes. (fn. 31) Henry died in 1377, having outlived his son Thomas. His grandson Henry married Alice Cornwall, whose second husband Thomas Charlton had the manor in 1397, (fn. 32) apparently during the minority of Thomas, Henry and Alice's son. Thomas Frowyk was the husband of Elizabeth Aske, heir to the manor of Weld or Newberries in Shenley (Herts.). (fn. 33) His son and heir Henry married Joan Lewknor (fn. 34) but was sued for debt by Sir Roger Lewknor and committed to prison. (fn. 35) Accordingly Henry sold the manor of Weld and lands in Shenley, Aldenham, and St. Albans (Herts.) in 1473 (fn. 36) and sold the manor of Durhams and land in London to his cousin Thomas Frowyk of Gunnersbury two years later, (fn. 37) although he retained Old Fold. His successors seem not to have paid the rent for Old Fold which was due to the manor of South Mimms, and in 1501 Henry's grandson and namesake was distrained for the non-payment for many years. (fn. 38) The younger Henry married Anne, daughter and coheir of Robert Knollys, who brought the manor of North Mimms (Herts.) into the Frowyk family. Henry's son Thomas married Mary, daughter of Sir William Sandys, and died without issue. (fn. 39) By will proved in 1527, Henry therefore left his estates to his daughter Elizabeth and the children of her first husband John Coningsby. (fn. 40) It was not until 1547, however, that Elizabeth recovered Old Fold from John Palmer and his wife Mary, whose first husband had been Thomas Frowyk. (fn. 41)

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Reginald married Agnes about 1287 in London, GB.


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