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Robert FitzHarding of Berkeley, Gloucetsershire
(Abt 1094/1096-1171)
Robert de Gand
(-Abt 1191/1192)
Alice Paynell
Robert de Berkeley of Beverstone
(Abt 1122-Abt 1195)
Avice de Gand
Maurice de Gant


Family Links

1. Matilda de Oilly
2. Margaret Crassus

Maurice de Gant

  • Marriage (1): Matilda de Oilly 1
  • Marriage (2): Margaret Crassus about 1220-1221 1
  • Died: 1230 1

  General Notes:

MAURICE de Gant (-1230). "Maurice de Gant" granted "the three hundreds...Bedminster, Portbury and Hareclive" [in Somerset], which "Robert Fitzharding gave to Robert Juvenis his father", to "Thomas de Berkeley" provided the grantor died without an heir, by charter dated to the reign of King John. This grant is linked to the Inspeximus of "Thomas de Berkelay" of the grant of "three hundreds of Portbury, Bedminster and Hareclive" made by "his grandfather Robert Fitzharding to Robert his son" and of their grant to "Dom. Maurice de Gant, the heir of Robert uncle to the said Thomas", undated (but presumably dated to after the death of Maurice de Gant as it no doubt relates to the challenge to his inheritance by his nephew Robert de Gournay, see below). The Red Book of the Exchequer records "Mauricius de Gant" holding one and one half knights´ fees in Dorset, Somerset in [1210/12]. "Mauricius de Gant" paid a fine "loco Eve sororis sue…pro habenda terra q hereditarie eandem Evam…et Thom fil Willi quondam viri sui" in Gloucestershire and Somerset, dated 1213. King John confirmed "manerium de Barewe", which he had "in vita sua ex concessione Eve de Gornay sororis sue", to "Mauricio de Gant" by charter dated 28 Jul 1214. "Mauritius de Gant" donated revenue from land "in manerio de Dersleia…quam emi de Margareta matertera mea quć fuit uxor Othonis filii Willielmi" to Clerkenwell St Mary´s, for the soul of "Matildis uxoris meć", by undated charter, witnessed by "Roberto filio Walteri, Saero de Quenci comite Wintonić, Henrico de Boun…". An undated manuscript relating to Croxton Abbey, Leicestershire names "Aviciam" as daughter of "Roberto de Ganth" and his wife Alice, adding that she married "Roberto filio Roberti Arding de Bristow", by whom she had "filium…Mauricium" who died childless, leaving "Andreć Luterel per matrem suam, quć fuit de parentelli Paynellorum" [he was descended from a younger brother of Maurice´s maternal grandfather] as his heir. The Annals of Worcester record the death in 1230 of "Mauricius de Gaunt".

m firstly MATILDA de Oilly, daughter of HENRY de Oilly & his first wife Sibylla --- (-before 1220). The Fine Rolls record the marriage of "Maurice de Gaunt" and "the daughter of Henry de Oilly", dated Jun "John 15". Bracton records a claim, dated 1220, by "Henricus de Oylly" against "Mauricius de Gaunt" for "terre…in Westona" which was granted to Maurice with "Matillidem uxorem eius que fuit filia ipsius Henrici…ipsa defuncta…sine herede". "Mauritius de Gant" donated revenue from land "in manerio de Dersleia…quam emi de Margareta matertera mea quć fuit uxor Othonis filii Willielmi" to Clerkenwell St Mary´s, for the soul of "Matildis uxoris meć", by undated charter.

m secondly ([1220/21]) as her second husband, MARGARET Crassus, widow of RALPH [II] de Somery of Dudley, Worcestershire, daughter of WILLIAM [III] Crassus & his wife [--- Marshall] (-after 14 Jun 1247). Stapleton dates the marriage to "prior to the fifth year of Henry III when Maurice de Gaunt paid scutage of Byham for the manor of Bradfield in Berkshire to Percival de Sumery". Her second marriage is indicated by two sources relating to Staffordshire, where Ralph [II] de Somery had been granted land by King John. Firstly, King Henry III ordered the sheriff of Staffordshire to permit "Maurice de Gant" to collect scutage from knights´ fees he holds in his bailiwick of the land "he holds in dower of Margaret his wife", dated [Sep] 1224. Secondly, the Assize Rolls for 1228 record that eight persons were summoned to show cause why they intruded into "a carucate of land which Alan de Englefeld held, the custody of whose lands after his death belonged to Maurice de Gant and Margaret his wife...the land formed part of the dower of Margaret". Alan de Englefield was Margaret´s son-in-law. Several other sources have been identified which name Margaret, none of which makes the connection between Ralph de Somery and Maurice de Gant. Three of these sources clearly refer to the widow of Ralph de Somery: (1) "Roger de Sumeri" confirmed an agreement between "Margaret his mother" and "William de Englefeld" [his nephew, son of his sister Isabel] concerning a grant and exchange of lands "at Bradfield", Berkshire, undated, but presumably dateable to after Roger´succession to the family estates following the death of his nephew Nicholas (before 4 Jul 1229); (2) and (3) two sets of entries in the Testa de Nevill, Berkshire fees in [1235/36] which include " i.m de i. feodo in Englefeud de feodo de Sumeri et...quarta parte unius feodi Nicholai le Butiler de eodem honore [=honore de Walingeford?] et i.m de i. feodo Margerie de Sumery in Cumton Beucamp de eodem honore et i.m. de i. feodo eiusdem Margerie in Adecote...Watindeden...Stanford...Yngelpenne de eodem honore", and Berkshire fees in [1242/43] which name "Rogerus de Sumery in Bradefeld i. feodum...Margareta de Sumeri in Bradefeld unum feodum predicti Rogeri...Willelmus de Englefeld in Englefeld unum feodum de eodem feodo". Two further sources clearly refer to the wife of Maurice de Gant: firstly, Henry III King of England ordered the sheriff of Somerset, notwithstanding the order of seisin in favour of "Walter de Everm", to give seisin of "maneriis de Cantokesheved et de Hivis [Quantockshead and Huish]...que fuerunt Mauricii de Gant quondam viri sui" to "Margarete de Sumery" as dower, by order dated 1231, and secondly "Margaret de Somery" reached agreement with "Henry de Gaunt rector of the almonry of St Mark´s Hospital, Billeswick" on the tithes of the mill of East Quantoxhead, Somerset and other matters by charter dated 14 Jun 1247. Two more sources are inconclusive: the Plea Rolls for 1233 include a claim in Oxfordshire by "John de Beauchamp" against "Margery de Sumery, in a plea of land and wardship", and an undated order, in 1237, records "Assizes" from "Margaret de Somery". Thomas Stapleton made a detailed study of the life of Maurice de Gant in the mid-19th century but all the sources to which he refers are inconclusive regarding the parentage of Maurice de Gant´s second wife. It is somewhat surprising that Maurice would have married the widow of Ralph [II] de Somery who, although she had proven her child-bearing capacity, must have been nearly 40 years old by [1220]. Stapleton dates the Margaret de Somery/Maurice de Gant marriage to "prior to the fifth year of Henry III [Nov 1220/Nov 1221] when Maurice de Gaunt paid scutage of Byham for the manor of Bradfield in Berkshire to Percival de Sumery". 1

Maurice married Matilda de Oilly.1 (Matilda de Oilly died before 1220 1.)

Maurice next married Margaret Crassus, daughter of William [III] Crassus Steward of Normandy and Marshal, about 1220-1221.1 (Margaret Crassus died after 14 Jun 1247 1.)


1 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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