(-After 1100)
Robert FitzHarding of Berkeley, Gloucetsershire
(Abt 1094/1096-1171)
Margaret de Berkeley
(Abt 1133-After 1207)


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Margaret de Berkeley 1

  • Born: Abt 1133
  • Died: After 1207 1

   Another name for Margaret was Margery de Berkeley.

  General Notes:

[MARGARET (-after [1200]). Her parentage and marriage are indicated by the undated charter under which "Mauritius de Gant" donated revenue from land "in manerio de Dersleia…quam emi de Margareta matertera mea quć fuit uxor Othonis filii Willielmi" to Clerkenwell St Mary´s. The word "matertera" is normally translated by "maternal aunt". However, it is unlikely that Margaret was the sister of Avice de Gant, mother of Maurice de Gant, who appears to have been the only child by her father´s first marriage. In addition, Margaret´s husband and Margaret herself are named in charters of the FitzHarding/Berkeley family which are quoted in this section. It is more likely therefore that Margaret was Maurice´s paternal aunt. "John de Wodeford" granted land in Nibley, Gloucestershire ("in Nubbeleia"), which he had recovered "contra Dom. Margaretam quondam uxorem Othonis fil. Willelmi", to "Dom. Juliana de Ponte Arche wife of Robert de Berkeleia" by charter dated to [1200].

m OTES FitzWilliam, son of WILLIAM & his wife --- (-before [1200]).]

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From: Doug Richardson [mailto:royalancestry AT]
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Subject: Botetourt descent from Robert Fitz Harding

Dear Newsgroup ~

To date no one to my knowledge has identified Margery, wife of Otes Fitz William (Gen. 4 above). However, charter evidence has survived which conclusively proves that she was the daughter of Robert Fitz Harding (died 1171), merchant of Bristol, male line ancestor of the baronial Berkeley family [see Complete Peerage, 2 (1912): 124-125 (sub Berkeley)]. The three charters below are taken from the published cartulary of St. Mary Clerkenwell. The first charter is a grant dated ?1190/1206, in which Margaret specifically states she was the daughter of Robert Fitz Harding [Note: The names Margaret and Margery were fully interchangeable in this time period]. The second is a charter dated c. 1221/2, by Otes Fitz William (Gen. 6 above) who confirms the earlier grant of Margaret his grandmother ["aue mee"]. The third charter dated 1213/19 is a grant by Maurice de Gant, in which he refers to his aunt ["matertera mea'], Margaret, formerly wife of Otes Fitz William. This charter is important as Maurice de Gant's father, Robert Fitz Robert, is known to have been a younger son of Robert Fitz Harding, male line ancestor of the Berkeley family [see John Smyth, Lives of the Berkeleys, 1 (1883): 20, 50-52, 65]. The third charter is also of great historic interest, as it is witnessed by three individuals, Robert Fitz Walter, Saier de Quincy, and Henry de Bohun, all of whom were Magna Carta barons.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt lake City, Utah 2


1 Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.medieval, at groups -, Douglas Richardson, 19 Aug 2005.

2 Charles Cawley, <i>Medieval Lands</i>.

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