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Robert FitzMaldred of Raby and Brancepeth, Co. Durham
(-Between 1242/1248)
Isabel de Neville
(-Bef 1254)
Geoffrey FitzRobert
(-After 1247)
Robert de Neville
(-Bef 1282)


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Robert de Neville

  • Died: Bef 20 Aug 1282 1

  General Notes:

ROBERT de Neville (-1282).

m firstly ---.

m secondly (1273) as her second husband, IDA, widow of Sir ROGER Bertram of Milford, daughter of ---.

Robert & his first wife had two children.


Inquisition: Post mortem, 20 Aug 1282. 1 435. Robert de Nevil alias de Neuvile, de Neivile de Nevyle.

Writ to Thomas de Normanvill, the king's steward, 20 Aug. 10 Edw. I.
Northumberland. Inq. Sunday after St. Denis, 10 Edw. I.

He held no lands &c. in the county, except 100l. land by reason of the dower of Lady Ida his wife, sometime the wife of Roger Bertram, in the towns of Mitford and Felton. He had lands &c. in the bishopric of Durham, service unknown, because neither the sheriff nor the king's bailiffs intrude into the bishopric.

Ranulph, son of Robert de Nevill the younger, aged 20 on the day of St. Luke, 10 Edw. I., is his next heir.

York. Inq. Monday after St. Michael, 10 Edw. I.

Raskelf. The manor (extent given).

Suttone (extent given).

Held together of the king in chief by service of 2 knights.

Hotonscireve. The manor (extent given), including 10s. 10d. rent of freeholders of Westlilling and Tiverinton, and 12s. rent of the town of Bridale, held of Peter de Malo Lacu in chief by service of 5 knights.

Heir as above.

Lincoln. Inq. (undated.)

Burreth. The manor (extent given), whereof two parts held of the earl of Lincoln, and the third part of Oliver bishop of Lincoln, by foreign service.

Randeby. The manor (extent given) held of the bishop of Lincoln, by foreign service namely by socage.

Middle Rasen. A court of free tenants worth 6s. 8d. yearly.

Heir as above.

Mandate to [Hugh] de Kendal, W. de Odyham and A. de Berton, to write to Sir Thomas de Normanvill, that having taken the fealty of Lady Ida late the wife of the said Robert, and her oath not to marry without the king's licence, he assign to her her reasonable dower, according to these extents, 23 Oct.

Mandates to [Thom]as de Normanvile and the sheriff of Lincoln, accordingly, 23 Oct.

(See No. 483.)

C. Edw. I. File 30. (7.)


1 J E E S Sharp and A E Stamp, <i>Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem </i> (London: n.p., n.d.), 2 Edward I: 245-252.

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