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Crinan Steward of the Western Isles, Mormaer of Atholl
Bethoc Lady of Atholl
Uhtred of Northumbria Earl of Northumbria
Ælfgifu of England
(Between 0990/0995-)
Maldred Lord of Allerdale
(-Abt 1045)
Ealdgyth of Northumbria
(Bef 1016-)


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  • Marriage (1): Unknown

  General Notes:

MALDRED . Balfour Paul names "Maldred" as second son of Maldred but does not cite the corresponding primary source. The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified.

m ---. The name of Maldred´s wife is not known.

Maldred & his wife had two children: Robert and Uhtred.

Maldred married.

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