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Guillaume I de Normandie King of England (William I), Duc de Normandie
(Abt 1027/1028-1087)
Mathilde de Flandre
(Abt 1032-1083)
Robert [I] FitzCorbet of Longden, Shropshire
(-After 1124)
Henry I of England King of England, Duc de Normandie
Sibyl Corbet
(Between 1090/1095-After 1157)
William of England
(-After 1129)


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William of England

  • Died: After 1129

  General Notes:

WILLIAM (-after [1129/33]). "…Willelmus frater regine…" witnessed the charter dated to [1114/15] under which "Alexander…rex Scottorum filius regis Malcolmi et regine Margerete et…Sibilla regina Scottorum filia Henrici regis Anglie" reformed Scone Abbey. "Willelmus frater reginæ…" witnessed the possibly spurious charter dated to [1120] of "Alexander…Rex Scottorum…Sibilla regina Scottorum…". ["Willelmus filius regis" donated "terra…Grenta de Stoca" to Bath St Peter by charter dated 28 Jun 1121, subscribed by "Patricius de Caurz, Hubertus de Sancta Susanna, Winebaldus de Baalun, Alexander de Alnoth, Reinaldus de Dunstanvilla, Giffardus de Salforda…". It is not certain that the donor was the same William as the brother of the queen of Scotland, although the presence of the latter in Scotland would not exclude him having land interests in Wiltshire.] "…Willelmo fratre reginæ…" witnessed the charter dated 1124 under which "Alexander…Rex Scottorum" granted jurisdiction to the prior of Scone. Maybe Constable of Scotland until about 1122. It is assumed that he was born within the same timeframe as his sister, on the assumption that the king´s relationship with their mother was relatively short-lived. As discussed above under his sister Sibyl, William has been identified as the brother of Renaud Earl of Cornwall who is recorded as alive in 1187. This appears difficult to sustain from a chronological point of view. In any case, as discussed more fully below, it is more likely that William, brother of Earl Renaud, was the earl´s uterine brother, his mother´s son by her marriage to Herbert FitzHerbert. "William the king´s son" subscribed a charter of Robert de Tosny dated [1129/33].

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