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Savary IV de Thouars Vicomte de Thouars

  General Notes:

SAVARY [IV] . "Gauzfredi vicecomitis, Adinauris uxoris eius, Haimerici filii vicecomitis, Savarici filii vicecomitis, Gauzfredi filii vicecomitis, Radulfi filii vicecomitis..." subscribed the undated charter under which "Berengerium...cognomento Baoverium et de Branno Herbertum" donated property to Marmoutier "in Oia insula". "Gaufredus Toarcensium vicecomes" donated property to St Cyprien affirmed by "mulieri sua Ainori, deine filiis suis Savarico, Radulfo et Gaufredo" by charter dated [1055/73]. Vicomte de Thouars. "Savarici vicecomitis et fratris eius" subscribed the charter dated [1058/68] of "Aquitanorum…dux Gaufridus". The Chronique de Normandie, based on le Roman de Rou, names "le Viconte de Thouars" and "Almaury de Thouars" among those who took part in the conquest of England in 1066. 1029/1093.

m ---. The name of Savary's wife is not known.

Savary [IV] & his wife had two children.

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