Boson I de Châtellerault
(-Bef 1012)
Acfred de Châtellerault Vicomte de Châtellerault
(-After 1046)


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Acfred de Châtellerault Vicomte de Châtellerault

  • Died: After 1046

  General Notes:

ACFRED (-after [1046]). "…Acfredi vicecomitis" subscribed a charter dated Aug [1024/25] under which "Adraldus" donated property to Saint-Maixent. Vicomte de Châtellerault. "…Acfridi vicecomitis de castello Adralde" subscribed a charter dated 5 Dec [1031/33] under which "Willelmus Engelbertus et Willelmus filius Ansemi, nomine Lambertum, et sororem eius…Abba" donated property to Saint-Maixent. "Letgardis" donated property to St Cyprien, Poitiers "pro patre suo et matre…et pro fratre suo Aimerico…et pro fratre suo Viviano…et pro nepote suo Aimerico" by charter dated [1031/46], subscribed by "Letgardi sororis Tetbaudi, Viviani fratris sui, Aimerici nepotis sui, Rorigonis, Goscelini filii sui, Hecfridi vicecomitis". "Gosfredus cognomento Nivoni" donated property "in pago Pictavo in vicario Igrandinse in villa Avalliaco" to St Cyprien by charter dated [1031/46] subscribed by "Richildis uxoris eius, Gauzelini filii sui, Astucie filie sue, Abboni filii sui, Hecfridi vicecomitis, Bosonis, Adraldi fratris sui, Bosoni filii sui, Goszelini, Ingebaldi nepotis Adraldi, Gosfredi de Colle nepotis eius".

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