Eudes I de PorhoŽt Vicomte de PorhoŽt
(-After 1092)
Emma de Leůn
Geoffroy de PorhoŽt Vicomte de PorhoŽt
Joscelin de PorhoŽt
(-After 1153)


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Joscelin de PorhoŽt

  • Died: After 1153

  General Notes:

JOSCELIN de PorhoŽt (-after 1153). "Eudo comes" founded the abbey of Notre-Dame de Lantenac by charter dated 1149, witnessed by "Josthos et Alanus fratres comitis, Alanus vicecomes de MontefortiÖ". "Eudo comes" confirmed a donation to Saint-Martin de Josselin, with the consent of "fratrum meorumÖJoscii vicecomitis et Alani Ceoche", by charter dated 1153. "Eudo comes" donated property previously donated by "dominus Gaufridus pater meus" to the priory of Josselin on the advice of "fratrum meorum Joscii vicecomitis et Alani Ceoche" by charter dated 1153.

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