Guillaume de Turenne Vicomte de Turenne
(-Bef 1074)
Boson de Turenne Vicomte de Turenne
Alpais de Turenne


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Alpais de Turenne

  General Notes:

ALPAIS de Turenne . The cartulary of Tulle St Martin records a donation by "Alpaiz uxor comiti d'Ermaniaco…filia Bosonis vicecomitis Torennensis" dated Mar [1113]. Her marriage date is confirmed by the charter dated to [1095] under which "Bernardus iuvenis Armaniacensis comes" donated property to the monastery of Saint-Mont, on the advice of "uxoris mea", although she is unnamed in the document.

m ([1095] or before) BERNARD [III] Comte d'Armagnac , son of GERAUD [II] Comte d'Armagnac & his first wife Azivelle de Lomagne (-1110).

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