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Guillaume IV d'Angoulême Comte d'Angoulême
(Abt 0978-1028)
Gerberge d'Anjou
(Bef 0974-After 1040)
Mainard d'Archiac Seigneur d'Archiac
Geoffroy d'Angoulême Comte d'Angoulême
Pétronille d'Archiac Dame d'Archiac et de Bouteville
(-Bef 1029)
Arnaud d'Angoulême Seigneur de Montausier
(-After 1076)


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Arnaud d'Angoulême Seigneur de Montausier

  • Died: After 1076

  General Notes:

ARNAUD (-after 1076). The Historia Pontificum et Comitum Engolismensium names "Fulconem, Gaufredum Rudelli, Arnaldum de Montosario, Willermum et Ademarum postea Engolismenses Episcopos" as children of "Gaufredus seu Josfredus" and his first wife. "...Gaufridi comitis Engolismensis, Fulconis, Gaufridi, Arnaudi, Mainardi filiorum eius..." subscribed the charter dated 1047 which records the foundation of Notre-Dame de Saintes. "Arnaldus Gauffridi consulis Engolismensis filius, frater etiam Fulconis atque Willelmi pontificis" donated property to Saint-Etienne de Baigne by charter dated 15 May [1060/66]. Seigneur de Montausier. "Iterius nepos Fulconis comitis [consul Engolismensis]…et Arnaldus de Montauserio" donated property to Baigne Saint-Etienne by charter dated 12 Feb 1068. "Arnaldi de Montoser" subscribed a charter of Guillaume Duke of Aquitaine dated 1076. "Arnaudus filius Gaufridi Engolisme comitis, princepsque castri Monteauserii" donated property to Baigne Saint-Etienne, on the advice of "procerum meorum et filiorum", by charter dated to [1075/80]. A charter dated to [1098/1109] records that "Arnaudus de Monte Auserio" donated "in totis suis silvis quantum opus haberent" to Baigne Saint-Etienne, confirmed by "Helias Acardi", and that later "Willelmi comitis Engolismensis" confirmed the donation made by "sui avunculi".

m ---. The name of Arnaud's wife is not known.

Arnaud & his wife had --- children.

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